Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

We had interviews with our mission president this past week and he said that we have an office couple coming in but no one else in the foreseeable future.  While he was doing interviews the AP’s gave the training.  It was a really good training on the “7 deadly fallacies of the GKLM”  (Great Kentucky Louisville Mission) and then squashed each one.     Fallacy #1.  Humility is tearing yourself down and emphasizing every flaw.  Rather it is recognizing our weaknesses and our strengths and being grateful for them.  They talked about the difference between confidence and pride.  Fallacy #2  We are here to have “fun”.  We need to remember our purpose.    Fallacy  #3  Being bold but not offensive.  No sissies in the scriptures.  Getting rid of the fluff and making boldness =prayer +study+skills.  Fallacy #4  We don’t need to study PMG chap. 3.  We did a quiz and it showed me the areas I need to focus more on studying.  “the devil is the master of complexity but God is the master of simplicity.”   They told of Brother Huntsinger whose mother was a new member who set up a meeting with the Elders and ask him to please come.  He said he would but only wanted answers to his questions from the Bible.  They answered his questions with the Bible and then backed them all up with the Book of Mormon and he knew it was true.   Fallacy #5 The Lord’s work will get done no matter what I do.”  I know we each can touch someone because of who we are or how we relate to them.  It may be someone that no one else has been able to reach.   Fallacy #6  Losing yourself in the work means becoming a robot or holier than thou or “bro”.  The consecrated missionary is exactly obedient but humble.  We still need to keep our personalities and be us but be obedient in all things.  Fallacy #7 We cannot baptize.  Hermana Magale told us about getting to dance in Japan.  The singer for the group was named Jermain and he had served his mission in Japan 10 years before.  His goal had been to baptize a family but he only baptized. Ding.  Going home from his mission to Australia he had a taxi driver who was really helpful but he didn’t have enough money to pay him but gave him a Japanese Book of Mormon which the driver accepted just because he was helpful.  At their dance performance Jermain suddenly stopped singing because he saw Ding.  When he talked to him he found that Ding had just recently returned from his mission to Australia.  He told of a family that was getting ready for baptism and he was helping them move and noticed a Japanese Book of Mormon on the shelf.  He picked it up and the man told him he couldn’t even read it.  Ding saw that it was signed by Jermain.  So Jermain taught and baptized Ding, shared a Book of Mormon and 10 years later Ding taught the family of the man who received the Book of Mormon.  We never know what the Lord’s time frame is.   It was such a good training in which they taught with spiritual experiences, humor, role playing, videoing with the iPads  and challenges.
Last night we drove to Louisville to the monthly fireside for new members and investigators.  It was such a boost for Sydney to hear of others struggles but to feel of their testimonies.  She truly bore a strong testimony of the Savior and the help the gospel has been to her.  She had so many people stop her afterwards to tell her how she had touched them.  Even with her struggles and the baby steps she is taking it was a good experience for her.  She also had a friend with her who seemed to enjoy it all.  That is one thing we all need to remember with a new member.  They are sometimes coming from a totally different world and are making huge changes in their lives and we need to love and help them and not be critical if they don’t immediately understand and change everything. 
Other than that day the rest of the week has been pretty normal.  We did have our usual monthly temple trip which is always a good break.  We talked to a young woman here on a school trip whose parents just got their mission call to Alabama.  SENIOR COUPLES ARE SO NEEDED.  If you know anyone who could serve please encourage them to do so.  I looked at the opportunities for senior missionaries on the church site and there are so many senior couples needed in so many places.  We have been so blessed in being able to serve here.  It will be interesting to see where the Lord takes us next.  
We hope you are all taking opportunities to share your testimonies and love of the gospel.  That is what hastening the work is all about.

Elder and sister Fullmer

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