Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015

This has been a very busy week with lots of travel and some unexpected service.  On Tuesday I was helping a sister work on her family history as she is going on a long vacation and plans to visit 8 temples and wanted family names to do.  When we took a break we happened to check Facebook and saw that Leroy and Eva Mae had been flooded badly from last night’s rain so we quickly had lunch, changed clothes and went over.  There wasn’t much we could do at first because they were waiting for the insurance lady but after she came we helped load the furniture they were trying to save. We took boxes of stuff that had to be moved that hadn’t gotten wet upstairs  It had all happened so quickly on Monday night.  They had to get the EMT’s to come and get Leroy and move him upstairs while they tried to get the water stopped.  It wasn’t just rain water but backed up sewer water from the faulty water system in Cannelton.  The Cannelton Mayor says it isn’t the cities fault and they won’t help them with any of the costs.  They have ended up having to tear out walls 12 inches up as well as the lower cabinets and her island in her kitchen.   It turns out that Leroy’s motorized wheelchair was ruined from the water so he isn’t able to go anywhere at this time.  These are the best sweetest people in the world and seem to  have one trial after another.
We left at 7 with Tim, Cheryl and Sydney to go to Carmel Indiana for the temple open house.  It takes nearly 4 hours to get there and with the time difference it was noon before we were there.  I had the wrong address for the temple and we stopped and ask at a station and got the right directions.  As we got to the temple there were people standing outside the gates handing out anti propaganda and we took their one handout not even thinking.  We had a wonderful tour of the temple.  Sydney just kept saying that she wanted to be there.  When they said the first endowment room was for instruction she said “if it is just for instruction can I please go to that part.”  She didn’t want to leave the celestial room at all.  It is such a beautiful temple with gorgeous woodwork and paintings.  We took lots of pictures after the tour and then left for home.  She was reading the anti-literature and getting very indignant about what they were saying and why they couldn’t just leave us alone.  For some reason the GPS started taking us north instead of south so we took off on a road but it turned out to be a good thing because we found a great little gyro place to eat.  We visited with the owner and gave him our card and told him about the temple open house.  It took us even longer to get home because of the stop and go traffic so we didn’t get home until 5:30.  We were both pretty worn out and knowing we had another travel day on Saturday just relaxed and worked on lessons when we got home.  It was a good day and just what Sydney needed.
We left at 9 for Louisville and with the time difference got there just about 11:30 so had some time to visit with the other senior couples.  It was good to spend time just visiting and comparing branches and the work we do.  It made me really glad we are in Tell city when I hear about Monticello only having 6 people to church some Sundays and Beatyville sometimes only has 15.  We at least average about 35.  Also those two towns are so far out and on such winding roads that it takes them 45 minutes to go 19 miles to get groceries.  We had a very nice salad lunch with ham and shrimp as well and just visited and each couple told of experiences and some about themselves.  It was good to meet the Carbine’s who are taking the Moulton’s place in the office. 
We then left for the temple where the seven couples made up the session except for one other sister.  We did all branch names which made it nice for the branch to get that much work done.  Most of it was on the Cunningham line.  I did Martha Anna Spicer’s work.  She was only married for a year when she passed away in 1893 probably in childbirth as they had a baby die in 1893 as well.  When I got to the veil the spirit was so strong and such a feeling of joy.  I know she, John Milton and their daughter were all there and thankful that this work is being done.  I can hardly wait to seal her to him and then seal Ada to them. 
We were able to find another less active and to meet up with a family we had found once before who now seem interested in learning more.  The husband was very active at one point but has let life get in the way.  We have a return appointment on Sunday.  The first time we were there I told the lady I would bring her a loaf of bread and she hasn’t forgotten that. 
The work goes on and the time continues to fly.  Every time I think of leaving these people I get a little emotional.  We have made such good friends who really do feel like family.  Our Stake President told us last Sunday that we could solve that by just moving here for good.  I would miss my grandkids and kids way too much.
We are both just so thankful for the opportunity we have had to have this experience.  Nothing can compare to it.
We love you all
Elder and Sister Fullmer
Amy—congratulations on that new grandbaby.  He is adorable. 

Robert & Connie—were you by any chance in Indianapolis on Friday.  We passed a semi with a load of pigs and wondered.  It made us think of you anyway.

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