Friday, July 17, 2015

Augt 17-24, 2015

This past week was another week of travel.  We went to Jasper to pick up the Elders, Louisville for transfer meeting and back to Jasper on Tuesday a 300 mile round trip.  We got a new Elder who comes from a family of 20 children, 11 adopted from all over the world.  He seems like a very nice young man. 
Wednesday we went to Ft Knox and met up with the Liscombs and Chertkows who are two of the Senior couples left in the mission and we did some sightseeing.  Liscombs are serving a military mission there.  They took us to the Red Cross building they work in twice a week which is basically a large second hand store.  I got a couple of pictures and a game and book all for $1.  We then went to the George Patton museum which was very interesting.  Patton had a big role in World War II and he also had many statements about morals, leadership and integrity.  After that we went to a Mexican place for lunch, to the Lincoln home and school and then in pouring rain just drove around to see some of the places they have been.  The company was the best part of it all—talking about the experiences we have each had about our different missions.  It was another long day but we wished we had started doing it when we all first got here.  The friendship we have would have helped each of us in our missions. 
Thursday Evan took the Elders to Owensboro to exchange while I worked on Primary and then that evening we had dinner with the Osborn’s.  I asked Brother Osborn about the primary boys singing our last Sunday and he asked if we would do a whole primary program.  It will be quite a challenge as we have so few kids but we can do it.
Friday was district meeting so back to Owensboro and Saturday was a temple trip.  Only Mike V and the two of us went but we were able to get 10 baptisms (temple did), 30 men’s initiatory and 4 women’s initiatory and 1 female endowment done.  I really want to get those other initiatory done before we leave so no one else has to try and plan to get them done.  Mike took us to Cheddars for lunch where I had a delicious steak and shrimp and they had ribs and shrimp.  He said he had wanted to take us out to eat and this was his chance.  After we got home I just worked on Primary as the Elders said Sydney was going to a party so I didn’t figure she would come to church.  I also did my talk for the baptism tomorrow.
We had Alyssa T’s baptism after church and it was so beautiful.  She hugged me and said she was happier than she had ever been.  I know it is going to be hard on her not having any other young women in the branch and with Osborn’s moving so we are losing our Young Women’s leader, I hope she can stay strong.  Her mom and her grandma Jane were both there.  This might be what her mom needs to come back into activity and Alyssa has a whole bunch of family who are less active.
The very best part of this past week was that we got the word that we are going to be great grandparents for the first time.  I already knew that I was a “great” grandma but this is just more joy to spread in the family.  Our granddaughter Erika and her oh so special husband put a cute video on Facebook announcing they are expecting.  I am excited to know they aren’t moving to Colorado as first planned but are staying in Rexburg so we will be able to see that baby often.
As I am the queen of list makers I sat down and made an ever growing list of things I want and need to do before we leave in just 7 short weeks.  Along with the continued visits we will make are a number of things that will keep me very busy which makes the time fly even faster.  As I try to schedule things I find there aren’t going to be enough hours in a day but I always did work well under pressure.
We so love the people here and want to continue to help in any way we can.  We both know of the truthfulness of this gospel and the importance of actively participating.  Having a testimony does us no good if we don’t attend church, pay tithing, serve and especially attend the temple.  The greatest blessings are there for us as we fully engage in the gospel.
We love you all.

Elder and Sister Fullmer
A couple of pictures from last weeks trip to the Lincoln Memorial.  Elder Fullmer at the Lincoln Memorial Building.  This building has five panels representing the different stages of Lincolns life.  The plant is the milkweed plant which was the cause of Lincoln's mother's death.  The next one is of Evan in from of the Patton museum and the last is of a very distant picture of Ft Knox where all the gold is and no one can go into..  


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