Monday, April 28, 2014

April 21, 2014

As we get to our two month mark we look back at what we have tried to do and wonder if we have made any difference so far.  We have visited a lot of people who have been offended in some way and are holding on to their feelings even though they probably never even think about it unless someone brings it up and reminds them they should be coming to church and partaking of the sacrament.  Habits become so hard to break.  They are all very willing to let us come and visit but are content with how life is going.  We keep holding on to the thought that we might be the one to touch someone's life as we teach our message and they will feel the spirit and desire a better life.
We had our first awkward moment this week.  A couple of weeks ago at District Meeting we were ask to each tell something about ourselves, our favorite quote and an awkward mission moment.  We laughed with the others about some of the awkward moments they had had and told them we hadn't had any yet and they all just said that we would.  Last Wednesday was the day.  We had gone with the Elders to teach a 17 year old girl who has come to church, FHE, a Relief Society activity and really is interested.  We had a meeting with Alicen after she got out of school.  She took us in her house which was a disaster and kept apologizing for the mess because they had just been moving in but to me it looked like just another messy bunch of people who don’t take care.  We were having a pretty good discussion when her brother came in and got on her case for having us there when the house was such a mess.  He went into the other room and in just a few minutes came in and said their mom wanted to talk to her.  We were sitting next to Alicen and could hear her mom telling her to get us out of the house.  She tried to calm her mom down but it wasn’t working and they just hung up.  She said it was alright to continue and we did and the spirit came back as we talked until the door opened and there was her mom loudly telling us to leave.  Her mom is actually a less active member but was very loud in telling us she didn't appreciate us being there. As we left Elder Avilas said well there is your first awkward moment on your mission.  I guess that makes us official now.
We did have a mixed good thing happen when we went to one sister.  We have been trying to get in touch with Roseann for several weeks and had finally found where she lived and went with the Elders to visit her. She wasn't home but her son said she was at her sisters so we went down to Kellers who we have also been trying to contact.  Roseann came to the door and told us that Margaret Keller (her sister) was dying.  She was on oxygen for some reason and had tried smoking and the oxygen had exploded in her face and she was burned so badly that they couldn't do anything but send her home to die.  Roseann cried and hugged me so much.  She kept saying that she had to get active in church again and get to the temple because she had had a dream where people in white were leaving her behind and she doesn't want to be leaft.  She had a daughter murdered a few years ago and wants to do her temple work.  We will get with her again after Margaret passes away.  Margaret had been very anti-Mormon but did let her girls attend church when they were younger.  Scott her husband is from Mink Creek Idaho so we have really wanted to talk to him.  We learned on Friday that Margaret had passed away and the branch is going to provide most of the food for the funeral.  Hopefully we can touch the family someway and help them find comfort as they remember what the gospel teaches.
Friday we had District Meeting as usual and for the role play this time we did a speed teaching.  We all sat in a semi circle.  I was the investigator and each missionary had one minute to teach me the first discussion.  The DL would tell them when to switch and the next one would pick up and teach.  I was so impressed and the spirit was so strong as they followed each other without missing a beat.  The only ones that even hesitated were the Spanish sisters and I think it was just because they had to think in English instead of Spanish.  Once again I am so grateful to be able to spend time with these amazing missionaries..  The work is going forward here because of these young people.
Friday at our branch activity we did have several less actives there.  The primary did an Easter egg hunt for the 7 little boys that were there.  We only have one girl in our primary and she was gone for the weekend.  The people are so open and friendly here that we feel so at home.  
Saturday Evan and the Elders went to Cannelton to paint with the Branch President.  He has a home that renters pretty much destroyed that they are trying to repair and put on the market.  They were coming home for lunch and to clean up for appointments but then two of the appointments cancelled so they painted even longer than planned.  Evan rested for awhile and then we both went over and I helped paint shutters.  This home is about 100 years old and was beautiful at one point but the renters had animals and it is in really bad shape now and is taking a lot of work.  It was good to get out of a dress and do some physical labor.
Sunday after church we had two different dinner appointments.  We went to the first family which included grandparents, kids, grand-kids and great grand-kids.  They have a small house and it was very crowded but enjoyable.  They had lots of food and we tried to eat just a little but the pecan and strawberry pies were just too tempting.  We went home and rested for a couple of hours and then went to the other home where there were only 8 of us.  Another delicious meal but much calmer visit.  This family really do feel like they are family.  
We love you all and would love to hear from you.

Dale and Ivalue-how is it going?  How was the drive?  Our Stake is coming to Nauvoo for Youth Conference and we sure wish we could tag along.  
Wallaces - We love the blog.  Sometimes we wish for a 4 day weekend.  Don't we live in a beautiful world!  It has greened up so much just this last week.  It is gorgeous here.
Samantha - Good luck this week in St. Louis at Worlds.  We love you.
Love you all
Evan and Trudy
Elder and Sister Fullmer

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