Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Monday 21
P-day with usual breakfast for the Elders, some laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping. We went to the viewing for Margaret Keller.  We met Scott, Joanna and Billie Jo Keller.  We also met Margaret’s brother who is a preacher for another church in Utah but he said” you Mormons are the best people on the earth”.  I guess because we did most of the lunch for after the funeral..  
Tues 22
We left at 8:30 for Owensboro for interviews.  President and Sister Woodbury were both there and we got to talk to both of them. He gave us his feelings of our purpose in being in Tell City.  It coincides with our feelings as to why we are here.  He gave us permission to go to DC in June to see Kellie and Shawn. 
We had training by the AP’s and it was awesome.  We first talked about including the members and ward or branch mission leaders in our work and then did role plays where I was the member and Evan was the ward mission leader in our group with the Hermanas.  That is a role play I could feel comfortable with and I did speak up and talk.  We then went on a walk in the church building and looked at some of the pictures of Christ without talking or asking questions.  We ended up in the chapel and talked about the sacrament and the meaning.  It was a very spiritual feeling and made me realize that I don’t spend enough time getting spiritually prepared to partake of the sacrament which gives me something to work on.  It was such a great meeting.  
Elder Holt came home with us in Elder Davis' place on exchanges.  We went to a Mexican place for lunch and my food was okay but if we ever go there again I will get the fajitas like Evan got because they were really good.
We went with the Elders to Melissa’s house to teach her.  She is a sister to Darin Sandage who is a member but less active.  She seemed very receptive and we are going to meet with her at the church on Saturday so that I can take the kids into the nursery and maybe it will go better without her kids climbing all over her.  
We then went to Cannelton and met with Nick (long time investigator).  He and his wife Angie were really excited about the gospel before but he couldn't quit smoking and then Elder Jones left, the Godwins left and he seemed to fade a little.  Hopefully starting over with the lessons will help him get interested again.  It makes you wonder if he was converted to the missionaries or the gospel.
Evan took the car to Vince to get the air conditioning fixed. We picked the car up at about 4:30 and it looks nice and the ac works wonderfully well.   
We took the Elders to Cannelton to visit with a new contact but it was a no show.  It was a 15 year old girl that lived at Cotton Mill Apartments.  We noticed on the way home that Cassie was at home so we stopped and visited with her for a little while and learned that she is moving into Tell City and the Elders set up helping her move.
 We went with Elder Davis and Elder Edwards (exchanges) to visit with a lady named Lorraine.  We talked to her on the porch and she kept saying that she knew we were doing good things because we were teaching of Jesus but after trying to give her the Restoration lesson she just said that she didn’t want to offend us but she was okay with her love for Jesus.  Good practice for us though.  After taking the Elders home we went back out to Walmart because we wanted French fries but just wanted to buy some to cook.  When we tried to start the car it wouldn’t start.  We thought it was because I had left the charger plugged in but a man came along with some jumper cables and it still wouldn’t start.  Evan tried getting under the car to see if he could see the started motor and turn it a little but he couldn’t.  He did get a white shirt really dirty.  Bob and Laura were there so went home and got Chris’s truck and came back and pulled us to Cannelton where we left the car for Vince.  He doesn’t work on Saturday or Sunday so it will be at least Monday before we have a car.  
Saturday 26
  We got to the temple at 9:45 and the session was very full but we got in.  After the session there wasn’t room in the celestial room to even sit and pray so we just left. This temple sure does some things differently but the spirit is all the same.  We went to Corydon and ate lunch at Ryan’s buffet.  It is like a Golden Corral and was very good.  The best cornbread I have eaten.  We got home about 3:00 but with no car we couldn’t do anything.  I did call Roseann Sturgeon and talked to her for a few minutes.  She really wants to come back.  We will keep working with her.  It would be really nice to see her get to the temple before we go home.   We were supposed to have meetings with Melissa and Jeff at the church but they both canceled.
Sunday 27
The Elders picked us up for church.  We had nothing planned for the day because of the car.  We were going to go with the Elders to meet with Jeff Taylor but he canceled again. A couple of weeks ago I started reading President Eyring's biography so  I finished reading that.  What an amazing man.  Reading the book gave me so much respect and love for him and all he has done and is doing for the church.  What a spiritual giant.  His talks will be even more meaningful now.  I am hoping Sister Zellers has more biographies I can borrow.
It was a rather slow week because of the car issues but we did have some really positive things happen with a couple of less active members.  Hopefully are car will be fixed soon and we can get back into full swing.
The gospel is true so what else matters.  We love you all and would sure enjoy hearing from any of you.  Especially those  six missionaries that I wrote to faithfully ever week while they served their missions and their siblings.  Is that enough of a hint or guilt trip?

Evan and Trudy
Elder and Sister Fullmer

Picture is of one of the gorgeous trees in blossom.
 picture 2 is the Ohio river after our last storm.

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