Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 5, 2014

Another week has flown by with beautiful sunny mornings and cloudy cool afternoons.  The trees are all budded out and it is green everywhere.  We have had a busy week of service.  Evan spent several hours helping a member cut and haul some trees from the hill behind his house that he was afraid would blow over onto his house.  I just spent time reading President Monson's biography while they did that.   We also helped a non member family move some of their things with the Elders and the help of our neighbor who lives across the street.  We couldn't find a member with a truck that was available so just went across the street and asked Jerry our other non member friend if he would help.  He at first thought Evan just wanted to borrow the truck and said sure and then Evan said we wanted him to help as well and he said "Oh, I see what is going on."  He came and helped and he and Evan really hit it off.  Jerry now calls Evan Preacher Man and me Sister T.  On Sunday Jerry was sitting out on his porch so Evan went over to talk to him and he asked questions about how our church operated, what our preacher got paid, how the priesthood worked and about resurrection.  For someone who says he isn't interested he sure asks the questions.  He also thanked Evan two different times for getting him to help move the Parkers.  He said he really enjoyed helping.  We have less than 16 months now to help him learn more of the gospel and to bring him closer to our Savior.  

On Saturday Evan wasn't feeling well but I went to help our Branch President and his wife Penny work on their house they are trying to get ready to sell.  It is a beautiful old home but the renters trashed it and it needs lots done.  The Elders had one of our less actives Tom with them helping which he loves to do.  We worked for several hours and got a lot done but there are still many hours of work to do.  

Saturday evening we met with Jeff Taylor and watched the Joseph Smith movie.  Jeff really felt the spirit and did commit to coming to church on Sunday.  He has such confidence issues that he usually just says he can't commit to coming because he doesn't know what is going to happen but this time he actually said he would come but when Sunday came Jeff didn't.  Scott Keller did come and brought his granddaughter with him.  Later in the evening we went to Scott's house and taught his granddaughter a lesson.  Evan asked Scott when he last read the Book of Mormon and Scott said it was three years ago.  He must still have a testimony and now that his anti-Mormon wife has passed away maybe he can make a change in his life and hopefully in the lives of his other children. 

We had the best testimony meeting I think I have ever been in on Sunday.  We have a little boy Jackson in our branch who is just 8 and was baptized just before we got here.  His father is a less active member and his mother isn't in the picture but his grandmother is the real force in his life.  Jackson bore the most beautiful, heartfelt testimony about his Savior and Heavenly Father that  I have ever heard from a child.  Brother Hinkle later bore testimony of the great ones spoken of in scripture and said that we have one of those great ones in our midst.  I feel that it is Jackson but he isn't the only one in this branch.  There are some amazingly strong people here facing some daunting things.  Every testimony borne was an addition to the spirit. 
 Of course later Jackson had a meltdown in Primary because he couldn't say his 4th Article of Faith right.  The 8 year old showed through then.

We love you all.
Elder and Sister Fullmer
Evan and Trudy

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