Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

The time is flying by so quickly.  Our friends the Yearsley's and my sister in law Sister Hawkins just hit their half way point and we are at 3 months already.  I can sure see that anything less than an 18 month mission doesn't give you enough time to hardly learn the ropes but that the Lord can use us no matter how much time we have to serve.

We had a week of 80 degrees one day and 50 the next with lots of scattered showers nearly every day.  Only one big thunder storm with flash flood warnings though.  The scattered showers just make it humid and muggy here but also has everything so green and gardens are growing.  We have blossoms on our tomatoes and the radishes and carrots that Evan planted in a couple of bales of hay that were in our backyard for some reason are growing.  We have also picked some of our onions.  We have been told by several friends that we will get all the garden produce we can use when their gardens are ready.
This week we got to go to transfer meeting.  Elder D was transferred to Louisville Bike and we now have Elder A.  He is from Canada not far from Edmonton.  Transfer meeting was a time of happiness and some tears.  The Elders going home gave short heartfelt testimonies and the new missionaries looked ready to go to work.  The new companionship's seemed happy with the changes.  We met another Senior Couple who are serving in a small town of 870 people with about 25 in their branch and they still meet in a store building which they have to clean before they have meeting.  We are so grateful to be where we are and at least have a building.  We have lots of possibilities of new contacts whereas they have a more limited number.  President Woodbury spoke and stressed how important it is to have a clean apartment.  He told of his experience of being able to go to a Notre Dame football game before coming out as mission president and getting to go into the locker room.  He said that it was so clean and organized and not what he expected at all from a college football locker room.  He asked the guide if the players had cleaned it up the night before just for this occasion and was told that the last coach had had no standards of keeping anything clean and the locker room was always a disaster.  Notre Dame was going through a really bad time and not winning any of their games.  It had gone on for a couple of seasons and so the coach was fired and the new coach was brought in.  The first thing he did was set standards of how the locker room was going to be kept.  Within two years Notre Dame was at the national finals (whatever it is in football).  The coach said that when your personal life is in order the game would be in order and it certainly showed in their winning.  President Woodbury said that it is the same in missionary work.  They need to keep their apartments and cars clean in order to have the spirit to teach.  I know that when our house gets into disarray we find it hard to be organized about our visiting and teaching.

We also had zone conference which is always a learning experience.  We were trained on what to say when someone asks us about The Book of Mormon musical which is coming to Louisville in July.  We can just tell them that the musical will entertain them  for a couple of hours but we can teach them of the book which will change their lives forever.  It is nice to be prepared ahead of time in case we are asked.

The rest of the week was spent with meeting more less actives and teaching with the Elders.  There has been a lot of sickness causing a lot of cancelled appointments but we press on.

Much love to all
Mom and Dad
Grandpa and Grandma
Elder and Sister Fullmer


This is a picture of our house.  
The 2nd picture is of a barge going down the Ohio.  It was actually two loads long full of gravel.

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