Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014

We had two very good experiences this week.  The first started out with a phone call from the former senior couple from here who called to tell us about a family Jessica and Samuel who they had helped some while they were here but the family was not ready to listen to the gospel.  The family was in need of some help and wondered if we could help them.  Through texting we were able to find them and met with them.  I must admit that I was a little bit judgmental about them.  It seems that too many people here are on the welfare system and feel entitled to a handout but when we met them my attitude really changed.  She was so apologetic about having to ask for some help that I wanted to give her everything I could.  They have a young family and were just having a few struggles.  She said that when the other couple was here she wasn't ready to listen to the gospel message but that now she is at the place in her life that she really wants to make a change in her life.  She was raised in the foster care system until adopted at age 10 by a "pastor who preached one thing on Sunday but lived a different way during the week".  They are both willing to come to church and to listen to the lessons so we will see how it goes.

The other lesson that was very positive was with Saundra.  She lives across the street from the Elders and they saw her scrapping her porch one day so went over and asked her if they could help her and she was willing to have them help and then to listen to a lesson.  We went back with them and had a wonderful lesson.  She asked a lot of questions and seemed very sincere about her desire to learn more.  I could really feel the spirit there with her during the lesson.

Neither of those paragraphs really express how good the experiences were.  It is such a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this work.

Other than that we visited with several other people many of whom are less active but very good people.  I went visiting teaching with one of the sisters which took 4 hours with the travel time involved.  We helped a family move, did some genealogy for a man, worked on a book of poetry for one of our members (82 year old sweetest sister in the world), talked to our non member friends and made a lot of bread.  

The gospel is true.  We all need to be more involved with missionary work.  We love you all.

Mom and Dad
Grandma and Grandpa
Evan and Trudy
Elder and Sister Fullmer

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