Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2 & 9, 2014

Dear one and all
This is a catch up email as well as the current one.  Last week I was a little discouraged and also trying to get ready for our trip and just couldn't find it in myself to write.  I know I shouldn't get discouraged when we are dropped by someone but when you have felt the spirit with them and you know how much better their lives would be with the gospel it is hard to lose people.  The two people we had such good experiences with the week before both dropped us.  The Elders had gotten a text from Jessica Z saying they didn’t want any more contact with us that they just believed in the Bible and they also just didn’t have time.  It really sounds like another case of the mother getting to them and even though she isn’t active in any church she was raised a Baptist.  It is sad because they are letting someone else control their lives.  We really feel bad because they were so excited to begin with.  Oh well, it usually takes 9 or 10 times before someone is ready to listen to the message.  Later the Elders came over and told us that Saundra  had also dropped them.  Another one who seemed so ready to listen but quit.  They will still try and do service for her when she works on her porch and I will still try to get Jessica to let me help her learn to make bread but no lessons right now.  Brother Voyles had also told them that Bill Powers doesn’t want us to come back anymore.

We went with the Elders for a first lesson to Anna B.  She is a very nice lady who lives in Golden Years.  When they said we were going there I expected to see the same dirty apartment, smoke filled and with dogs that we usually see when we go to that building.  We have to walk through the gauntlet of smokers sitting outside the front door so I was more than pleasantly surprised when she opened her door and her place was clean, no dogs and no smoking.  It was hard to believe that such a nice home could even be in these apartments.  The elders taught her the first lesson and she was very receptive but when they ask her about being baptized she said she seldom leaves her apartment and didn’t know if that would be possible.  I truly believe she will come to the point that this gospel will mean so much to her that she will come.  She asked if we did all that rolling around on the floor like the last church she went to and it was nice to reassure her that nothing like that happened in our meetings.  We have been back two other times to teach her and she says that it all just makes sense to her.  Now if we can just get her from being so afraid to leave her apartment.

We went to our first Baptist funeral.  It was for the mother of one of our convert members Mike.  I was surprised at how meaningless it seemed.  I thought being the cryer that I am I would shed a few tears but there was no spirit there that I could even feel.  The pastor said the prayer (of sorts), gave the eulogy, sang two songs, gave the sermon and another prayer. It was certainly a different experience. 

We left Tuesday for out trip to Falls Church VA to meet up with our daughter Kellie and her family.  It is about a 12 hour drive through some beautiful country but there were so many trees that the scenery actually became very monotonous.  We certainly had a good time seeing the kids especially that new baby girl and loving on the others.  We played some games, they all spent time in the pool which gave Kellie and I time to visit, we ate at some very good places and we went into DC to see the Washington and Lincoln Memorials.  Coming home we took the southern route which is even prettier.  We came through the Shenandoah Valley which is so gorgeous.  It is hard to imagine a war taking place in that peaceful serene area.  Although we loved getting to see the kids it was good to get back home and into the swing of things.

Love to you all
Mom and Dad etc.

 Below are some things we saw on our trip. No nearly as many pictures as I took but a sampling.


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