Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

We had the usual ups and downs of missionary work this week.  Our good friend Anna who reads the Book of Mormon, asks really good and feels the spirit when she is taught just about dropped us this past week.  She was feeling too much pressure to leave her home and go to church so asked us not to bring it up anymore.  We are still welcome to visit and teach but no pressure so it will take her gaining a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel to overcome her fears of leaving home.  That was the downer.  The upper is that Jerrad and Tiffany are being baptized on Saturday the 21st.  Of course we will worry this week that Satan will work extra hard on them to keep it from happening but Tiffany is one tough little cookie and won't let anything stop her.
We got to go spend one day at Girl's Camp as chaperons.  It wasn't really camping because we were at the Lincoln State Park in cabins with electricity and flush toilets and showers but we really enjoyed it.  Their theme was "There's no Place like home" and was all based around the Wizard of Oz characters with of course the theme of going back home to our Heavenly Father.  We got to be there for the testimony meeting and I was amazed at some of the testimonies.  At first when these young girls were talking about their trials I thought, sure what trials could you really have at your young age but then when some went into more detail I realized they really do have some serious ones.  One girl is the only member in her family and joined at 15 and so wants her family to be an eternal family.  It was such a good experience to get to be a part of that.  Even sleeping in a musty cabin because of all the rain wasn't bad and I got the t-shirt to show I was there.

We had one of our investigator couples to church on Sunday.  Sonny and Sue are in there late 70's.  They have been quite receptive to our message and came for Sacrament Meeting.  He has a really bad back so can't sit long enough for three meetings but they liked the padded chairs.  Our two newest members who are both 8 gave the prayers in Sacrament Meeting and Sue was so impressed with the spirit they brought to the meeting.  We meet with them again this evening so we will see how it all really went for them.

Below are some pictures of the flood wall here in Tell City.  We have been here nearly 4 months and I had never seen these but we happened to drive down there yesterday and saw them.     The first picture is the Girls Camp t-shirt.  #2 is a magnolia tree but doesn't show how beautiful they really are. The flowers are the size of a dinner plate. #3 & 4 are The Flood wall.  #,5,6,7,8 show the different panels up close.  #9 Elders at the wall. Notice year 1937.  #10 is us at the wall.
Love to all
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