Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

The worst part of last week was that our AC was out for 4 days and it was miserably hot but the good news far out shadowed that. Jerrard and Tiffany were baptized on Saturday!!!  Satan worked really hard to keep it from happening but they persevered.  They were confirmed on Sunday in a very spiritual meeting.  Besides the confirmations we had such a good speaker.

 LeRoy Skeen has been paralyzed from the neck down for over 30 years and has lost the ability to speak clearly enough for anyone but family to understand him.  He does have a computer of some kind that he can talk through so dictated his talk to his daughter and she gave it for him.  I wish I could just send out a copy of his talk.  He has been a missionary even in his trials. After he was first baptized and could still speak he used to have some feeling in his fingers and could move his wheelchair up to the street corner where he would sit and talk to people and pass out Books of Mormon.  He was baptized after he was paralyzed which is a miracle in itself, has been to the temple and his wife and daughter bring him to church at least every other Sunday.  They are both saints as well because he is a large man and it can't be easy dressing him. His daughter had wheeled him up to the front of our little chapel so we could all see him and the expressions on his face truly showed his spirit and his love for the gospel.  

We had a busy week last week with appointments with the Elders, service helping a family get their house ready to sell, District Meeting which is always so uplifting and putting lots of miles on our car.  We took our only Young Woman with us and the Elders one day to meet our contacts and she was excited about missionary work (except for the wearing the skirt part) even though we didn't get into many doors.  She comes from a less active part member family and is trying hard to be active.  She did baptisms for the dead on Saturday and loved the whole experience.  We are going to try and set up a time that we can take her and Tiffany to the temple to do baptisms.

We have had a couple of small rainstorms which only make it more humid.  Our little garden is growing rapidly.  Hopefully we will get tomatoes soon.  

Below are the pictures of the other flood wall in our neighboring town which is just about 4 miles away.  They aren't as professional as the others but are still impressive.

Our love to all
Elder and Sister Fullmer
Mom and Dad
Grandpa and Grandma
Evan and Trudy

I guess I just assumed everyone would know what the flood wall was but I realized I didn't until we moved here so--the flood wall is that tall wall with a few openings where they can actually put in concrete closures to hold back the water.  The dates with the lines are the years and the water level so you can see that 1937 was a very bad year for flooding.   The wall extends for a good part of the river in both Tell City and the neighboring town of Cannelton.  The Ohio River is only maybe 30 feet or so from the wall.  The pictures below are of the river after one of our really big storms.  I will take pictures of the section of wall in Cannelton and send later.


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