Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 11,2014

The real highlight for this week was the opportunity for us to actually teach a first lesson.  We were given a referral by a member who thought it would work better for us to teach this man than the young Elders.  It was a nervous thing to face but it seemed to go well.  We talked about the restoration and what it means to us.  The member also helped lots in the discussion.  Bill did agree to read from the Book of Mormon and also to have another appointment.  Evan and I seemed to work well together each teaching parts of the lesson.  I guess those role plays that I dislike so much at meetings are helping us be prepared.
We had a treat when Sister Halvorsen called from the mission office to give us a message from Elder Yearsley in California.  Her son lives down by where Gary and Wanda are serving and as her son was driving down the road he saw a man in a white shirt and black pants moving mattresses so stopped to help him.  He told Gary that his parents were filling the same role on their mission in Louisville Kentucky.  Gary told him about us serving in that mission and to have his mom tell us to have a good day.  Thanks Gary for the wishes.  It is a small world.
Evan spent one day helping a less active who has become such a good friend.  Between mowing lawns and cutting wood they have really good gospel discussions.  We know this man will come back into full activity.  He feels the spirit and loves the gospel.  He feels that we were sent here to help him.

We learned that one of the young men that we have been teaching doesn't know how to read so we asked him if he would like us to help him learn and he was very receptive so after the discussion on Wednesday and the rest of the group left we started trying to help.  I had made cards with sight words on them but it became apparent very quickly that he didn't know any of them and we found that he can write his name but that is about all of the alphabet he knows so we started working on his alphabet.  I think he knows more than he lets on because when we would ask him about the letter that would make a certain sound he wouldn't point to the letter but he would look at it.  I think he has been told for so long that he is stupid that he is afraid to even try.  We went to the library and then to the Dollar Tree afterwards to get more materials and we will see how it goes.  He says he wants to continue but we will see if he puts out any effort to practice what we gave him to do.
We were able to take a sister to the temple on Saturday.  Another sister had planned to go but had to back out at the last minute.  We schedule a monthly temple trip as one of our responsibilities and it was rather nice that this one ended up just being the three of us as it gave us a chance to really get to know this sister.  We did a session and then a few sealings which made for a nice day.

Gas prices are still going up which makes it tricky where we buy gas.  If we can find a reason to go into Kentucky we can pay from 10 to 20 cents less for gas so we are always checking the prices.  This week is going to be pricey because we have a trip to Louisville and one to Evansville.
One of our Elders received a transfer so we will take the Elders to Louisville for transfer meeting and then bring the new companion back.  We hate to see Elder D. leave because we enjoy him so much.  We can see why people get attached to the Elders and have a hard time when they are transferred because that is how we feel.  I am sure the new Elder will be just as great as Elder D. and we will love him also.  These kids are all remarkable missionaries.

I talked to all 11 kids on mother's day.  It was good to have even a short visit with each of them and find that generally all is well.  We are anxiously awaiting our trip to DC to meet out newest grand daughter Madelyn Quincy who was born on Saturday.  We will also be blessed with another grand daughter this week.  

Brother and Sister Parkinson-I talked to Sister Lunt at the temple on Sat. and she said to tell your son Hi for them.  She remembers him well.
We love you all and would enjoy hearing from you.
Mom and Dad
Elder and Sister Fullmer
Evan and Trudy

The picture is of the five of us who live within 80 miles of each other in Idaho.  Elder Fullmer, me, Sister Wadley from Shelley, Elder Holt from Chubbuck and Elder Gerard from Idaho Falls.  We all serve in our district so this part of the mission is in good hands

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