Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

I was able to go with two of the sisters from our branch to the temple on Wednesday.  When we got to the temple we found that the whole session was full with the New Albany Zone of missionaries. It was a very spiritual session with 20 missionary companion-ships.  The room is only supposed to hold 40 but we had 48 there to accommodate everyone.
We had interviews with our new mission president and his wife on Thursday. They had told us all about themselves last week at Zone Meeting so this was a get to know us interview. We are both so impressed with them.  They are excited for the work.  They are so different in personality from President and Sister Woodbury and will come at things from a little different angle.  It takes all different personalities to continue this work.
This has been a busy week of travel as they all seem to be.  We are averaging $10 a day on gas which tells you how many miles we go a day.  Thank heavens gas has dropped $.30 a gallon the last couple of weeks. We are having some success in finding some of the less-actives in the outlying areas but it means lots of miles.  On Saturday we spent three hours with our branch mission leader trying to find three different households and finally found one to talk to.  He says he had been thinking now would be a good time to come back to church as there are some changes taking place in his life.  Another of the households had a locked gate across their drive and when we found the third house we didn’t have time to visit because of another scheduled appointment we had to be to.
Because it was our branch conference yesterday we had a full house at church.  It was so good to feel of the spirit there.  After meetings we had a linger longer to feed all the visitors and to be able to mingle with the leaders.  Just as in the wards of the church the women in this tiny branch know how to put on a meal.  We had so much food left that we are having leftovers for FHE tonight.  We had one of the less-active families who we have been working really hard with come to church.  Their boys Bryce age 14 and Jakob age 12 really wanted to be of help.  Bryce has been baptized and is a deacon but they had not been back to church since Bryce was ordained and Jakob has not been baptized.  We were able to use the boys help putting the food on the tables and then they helped put tables away and set the chairs back in rows and helped carry food out to cars for people.  Hopefully they felt needed enough to want to come back.
We also had a less-active from the Sketo family come to church.  He had called the Elders and said he wanted to come back.  I guess he does this every couple of years and is active for a while but then drops off again.  Hopefully the branch members will step up and keep him this time.  It can’t just be the missionaries because we all leave.  His family is the one that had 12 kids and the parents were very active but now only have one son who is active at all.  This same week the Elders met a young man who is a nephew of this man who they started to teach and he doesn’t even have an understanding of God.  It is sad to think that just two generations ago his grandparents were the stalwarts in the branch.  He is excited for them to come back again.
It was so good to hear from some of you this past week.  Those emails really help keep the spirits up.  Keep up the good work Elder and Sister Hatch, Yearsley, Wallace, Saunders, Sister Hawkins and all the rest of our missionary friends.  Also all the rest of you member missionaries keep the missionaries in your area busy.  We all love referrals.   
Love to all  
Elder and Sister Fullmer etc.  
The pictures below are just some interesting things in Indiana and Kentucky.  #1 is the tepee bridge   #2 is one of the three bridges you see going in to Louisville.  #3 is a restored car #4 is a pretty moth we saw on a door frame and #5 is  just one of the factories that surround us.   


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