Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014

Hello to all.  This has been another busy week with many miles on the car.  Sometimes it seems as if we spend half our day or more driving.  We spent 3 days last week just driving out to different areas trying to find people on the branch less active list.  We were able to find an address for 4 kids that no one in the branch even knew and get it to the branch clerk to send the records on as well as finding 3 people who have passed away that again the branch didn't even know who they were.  Interesting to say the least.  We also found several less actives who invited us back any time and were very friendly.  Several of them come from the same family that when the parents were alive were very active.  Only one of the 12 children are still active that we have learned about and he lives in another unit.  It is sad to see that so many of this couples posterity is inactive after they were so faithful.  Some of the names on our list will never be found because they have moved and we can't find any forwarding address and some on the list don't even have an address listed. The detective work is a challenge.
Our good friend Anna who we felt was progressing so well dropped us on Wednesday.  It is such a heartbreak to loose these people after coming to love them.  We are still going to try and see her and still be friends but her note was pretty harsh.  That was the real downer of last week but our sweet older couple Sonny and Sue are committed to baptism even though Sue is scared to death of the water.  When we taught the Word of Wisdom lesson last Saturday before we even mentioned coffee, Sue brought it up.  When they came to church on Sunday she said that it had been a very hard morning and when we saw her last night she said it was hard but she is stubborn and can do it.  They only drank decaf coffee so hopefully it won't be so hard for her.  She had also asked about why we didn't have a collection plate and was interested in the whole idea of tithing.  That lesson is this week.   I am especially excited to go over today and help her start her genealogy.  They are scheduled for baptism on the 26th but it all depends on when Sonny has to have his surgery.
We were able to spend the afternoon of the 4th with the Branch President and his wife's extended family.  Many of them are less active but are very open and welcoming.  They used to have a band and traveled to many different areas to perform and did opening shows for some great singers but quit to be family people.  They have a music room all set up and sang and played.  It is fun to see our Branch President drumming.  We had such a good time.  Afterwards we sat on our porch and watched fireworks from all different directions.
It has been cooler this past week which was a blessing because the ac in our house went out again.  Luckily it only took one day for them to fix it.  We hadn't had a rainstorm in a while and the grass didn't even need to be mowed this week and was looking pretty dry but thankfully we got a pretty good storm last night.  Our cantaloupe and watermelon and growing rapidly.  We have about a dozen cantaloupe and just less than that of the watermelon on the vines.  At the rate they are growing it shouldn't be long before we get to eat some.  A couple in the branch are leaving for vacation this week and will be gone for at least 3 weeks so we get to benefit from their garden and use their produce.  
Other than the chiggers which have eaten Evan up and the ticks that we find so frequently(one each just this morning) we love it here.  
Please let us know how things are going in your lives.  We miss you all and appreciate even short notes to let us know you are still alive.
Kimber-How is it having a tiny baby again?  Do you ever get to hold her?
Joe-Does Maya have an email address of her own?  Tell her happy heart day from us.  What happened to that letter you said you had written and just needed to send?
Josh-more details on the sister you met who is coming to our mission and your trip.
Kara-How did the move go?  What is your new ward like?
Cami-I loved getting to talk to you.  It is nice to hear from family--hint, hint for the rest of you.
Kellie and Shawn-How is France?  Send pictures please.
James-Do you have Landon right now?  If so give him hugs from grandma.
Jake and Jess-I still haven't gotten pictures of your new place.  How is the move going?
Kate-Thanks for the long talks this past week.  I needed it.
Audi-How are you doing after your surgery?  I know John won't email so please send a line this way.
Jared-It was good to talk to you even for a minute.  Did you find a new place?
Levi-Will Zellers says to tell you hello and he would like to see you when he gets back to Idaho.
Love Elder and Sister Fullmer
Mom and Dad
Grandma and Grandpa
Evan and Trudy

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