Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014

As I sit here and listen to the rain I feel so blessed to be here.  It is our p-day so we don't have to be out in the rain but we are so grateful to be getting it.  Evan just barely finished mowing the grass which hasn't been mowed for 3 weeks because we haven't had enough rain to even make it grow.  We have had thunder all morning but just now got the rain and it isn't our normal pounding storm but we will take whatever we can get.
We had a bit of a slower week as far as meeting people as we took one day to take the Elders to transfer meeting which takes the best part of the day.  We had 33 Missionaries finish their missions and go home and 26 come into the field.  The missionaries going home always give their "words of wisdom" in transfer meeting.  Some of them are so touching, some show what kind of a missionary they have been and some bring some comic relief.  Our one and only black Elder was very late getting to meeting because of being behind a bad accident that slowed traffic and the meeting was already into the assigning of new companionships when he got there.  President stopped the meeting for Elder Daynuah to give his words of wisdom.  He gave a spiritual message and then said "the field is white---and it just got a whole lot whiter."  He has been a very well loved missionary and everyone who knows him will miss his humor.
We spent another day just driving finding more of the less actives.  We actually found the homes of three more but with no one home.  So many men here work at the factories, or coal mines or construction which may mean 6 or 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.  It doesn't leave much time for anything else.  These peoples names have been on the branch list for years but no one in the branch even knows them.  After District Meeting because we were going to be in the area where 3 more people live who we have tried to find before, we stopped at their homes.  We were at least able to get into the gate of one person whose gate has been locked when we have tried before but no one was home.  We left a note and some zucchini bread and will keep trying.  We did meet one lady and have an appointment to go back on Wednesday to visit.  She is originally from Utah so we can talk about common things.  We are whittling down the list even though it takes multiple times going there.  We have found that it does no good to try and call the people because they won't return the calls so we just have to drive out and hope we find them.
Part of one day I worked on the Finch genealogy that I found on one of the headstones out to the Grandview cemetery.  I found that all of the temple work has been done except that one son has been missed.  I will have to go to the cemetery next Zone Meeting day and get a rubbing off the headstone because my picture isn’t clear enough to read the date.  I think this son died as a child and has been missed.  I would love a genealogy mission where I just went to cemeteries and got the information off headstones did the genealogy and got their temple work done.  I feel so bad that so many of the headstones in some of these cemeteries are getting so faded that the only way to take the information off is to do a rubbing and it is all getting lost.
We got an email from President Brough in reply to Evans weekly email.   Evan had told him about our visiting 38 families this month for visiting and home teaching and he replied.
 Elder and Sister Fullmer:
Thank you so much for your report.  I think you need to write your Bishop, High Priest Group Leader and Relief Society President and let them know that you are Home and Visiting Teaching 38 families a month.  With this information your ward leaders can let their Home and Visiting Teachers know they have it pretty easy.  Thank you for all you do in Tell City.
Gospel love,
President Brough

That made us feel really good as that 38 doesn’t include all the doors we knocked on where no one was home and the multiple visits we made with some of these families.
That is all for this week.  Thank you so much to all of you who sent emails this week.  We appreciate hearing of your lives and the encouragements you give us.  Being able to communicate so easily is such a blessing especially on one of those discouraging days when no one wants to listen.
We love you all
Elder and Sister Fullmer
Mom and Dad
Grandpa and Grandma
Evan and Trudy
The first picture is of me with a less active's pet turkey.  #2 is of a flower in the neighbors yard. Then pictures of a barge we watched go through the locks.  The first ones shows how high it was compared to the wall then about half way down and then how low it went to get through and then coming out.  It was very interesting to watch.  Now I want to watch one go up the river.  The next one is for the Harrison boys.  We thought they might enjoy this.


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