Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4. 2014

Dear Family and friends
This week we have been able to enjoy the produce coming from so many others gardens as well as the cantaloupe from our own.  I didn’t know that a cantaloupe would just fall off the vine when nearly ripe but learned that we need to let them set for a couple of days before we cut them.  After the first one we have really enjoyed the fresh fruit.  We have been blessed with tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, corn, summer squash and of course zucchini.  I have made lots of cinnamon zucchini bread as well as some very delicious raspberry lemon zucchini bread.  I love baking and it is nice to be able to do the baking but not have it all around the house as we both have put on a few pounds.
We have found more of the Sketo family and have been very welcomed by all of them.  None of them seem to want to come back to church but still say they have testimonies of the truthfulness of the gospel.  It seems that after the parents died there was a big fight over the property and some really hard feelings that no one has wanted to fix.  It is so sad to see such a conflict in a family.  If they could only let the “things” go and realize that family is the most important.  These families have all turned to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and crime to try and find happiness and it has only brought them sorrow.  One of the sisters who we talked to this week says she knows the gospel is true.   At the same time she is an alcoholic and has suffered drug overdoses and two of her sons are in prison and the third one is on probation.  Why is it that people can’t see that the gospel is where they will be free and all this other stuff just keeps them in bondage.  Satan is working hard in this area to keep the people in bondage.
Our one Elder is being transferred tomorrow and it makes me sad.  He is the Elder whose mother is a cousin to our son-in-law and reminds me so much of Shawn.  I am really going to miss him and his jokes and teasing.  When he was called to be the District Leader as the mantle of his calling fell upon him, he really stepped up and has been a good leader.  He has motivated the rest of the district to work harder and be more committed.  He is going to a different district as a DL so will be able to use his talents to help other missionaries.   As I have said before-I love missionaries. 
As we ended the month we checked our numbers of visits and this month we actually visited just over 48% of the branch members with about 2/3 of them on the less active list.  Some of those we visited multiple times so it has been a busy month which is just the way we like it.  We are so grateful that gas has dropped by 34 cents a gallon because it averaged out to be $10 every day for the month of July that we spent on gas.  Our old car is handling all those miles well though so we are blessed.
We sure would love to hear from all of you.  I am sure that each of you have things in your life that would be interesting to share with us-trips, children, grandchildren, temple work, missionary work, service or just a simple hello email would be greatly enjoyed.
Love to all of you
Elder and Sister Fullmer etc.

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