Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

Dear All
This past week I spent a lot of time working on a 72 hour kit project that the branch wants to do.  I made the mistake of letting them know I had done one for our ward last year before we left and they asked me to head it.  It is really different planning for a much smaller number of kits than the huge project we did last year.  I have spent hours trying to figure the best foods with enough calories to keep someone going without costing too much.  I think after making a trip to Sam’s club and redoing some things I have it pretty well figured out.  Now it is all about spreading the word so that all the less actives know about the project and can be a part of it all.  We found when we did it at home that it was a really good way to bring the less actives out and fellowship them.  Hopefully it will be the same here.
Not much else different has been going on this week.  We have made visits, gone to transfer meeting to pick up our new Elder, had District Meeting, had FHE at our house and done service.  I did get to help in Primary yesterday as the President and her daughter (both part of the presidency) had to leave after Sacrament meeting which only left one counselor who also plays the piano and teaches.  It was an interesting challenge to keep those 5 boys under control.  We have one 7, one 8, two 9 and one 11 year old boys.   Our only girl usually comes for the first hour when her grandpa teaches Sunday school and then they leave.  I guess it was a good thing our boys didn’t come that I needed to teach in the Sunday School class but the Sister I am teaching with and I had an awesome lesson planned.  We will just hold it for another week which we have done before.  We have only actually taught two lessons together because the boys aren’t really active.  We had had a lesson with them on Saturday evening about preparing for the temple but it isn’t going to happen quickly because the one boy is terrified of the water and doesn’t want to be baptized.  He is becoming a little more open to the idea but I think it is still a ways off. 

Evan has enjoyed being able to cut wood with one of our members.  He spent a couple of hours on Friday cutting and went out again today and spent 4 hours.  With getting to drive the tractor last week and cutting wood thins week he is very much in his element.  He is enjoying all the nuts he finds out here (and thats not the people).  We have a chestnut tree in our yard and it is very interesting to see how the nuts grow.  There is a very prickly green ball that falls off the tree and the nut is inside.  The thorns on it are very sharp.  After the ball opens up you have to roast the chestnuts (not necessarily on an open fire :).  This makes them edible and quick tasty.

We learned about the predicting of the weather by the persimmon seed.  When you cut open the tiny seed you will find either a knife, fork or spoon inside.  If a spoon it means a lot of snow, a fork means light snow and a knife means it will be cold and cut like a knife.  We only cut one open and it was a spoon so maybe lots of snow this winter.  We questioned what was really inside the seed but it really did look like a tiny spoon.  We will cut more open later to see what it predicts.
The first picture is the prickly ball and a cup of the nuts before cracking them and the second is of a nut roasted(in the microwave).  The third is the persimmon seed with the tiny spoon in it.
Love you all

Elder and Sister Fullmer etc.


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