Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

It has been a typical week for us.  We have done service again, met with lots of people, had interviews with our mission president and I have worked on the 72 hour kit project.  That is pretty much all the week consisted of.  We did get to watch the new movie Meet the Mormons while we were having interviews with the President.  Evidently the mission presidents have a link to stream the movie. I asked Sister Brough about getting it because it isn’t going to be showing in Indiana at all and the closest showing to us is in Lexington Kentucky which is 150 miles from us, she said there was a possibility they would be getting it on dvd because the streaming is having some problems and we could possibly get a copy.  It was so good and will be a great tool for introducing people to the Mormons.  I loved that it really showed the diversity of the Mormon people and that we are not all white, rich, educated people but have our trials and challenges just like anyone else.  If you get the chance I highly recommend you go see it.
We had two different members of the branch who are less active tell us that they were just not interested in coming back to church right now.  That is always so hard to hear but we won’t give up.  Because we are doing this 72 hour kit project and we also have a branch activity coming up out at the branch Presidents home, we will make sure these two people know about these activities and hopefully at least spark some interest.  One never knows what will get through to a person.
Our one sweet sister who is a convert of 4 years had her next door neighbor to the women’s conference on Saturday.  I couldn’t tell how Lacy felt about the whole experience but the spirit was definitely there.  It was so good to see strong women speak about important things and show that women are valued in this gospel.  Hopefully it touched Lacy in some way as she has 4 young daughters that want some kind of church.  She was raised with no religion and says she will just let her girls decide for themselves but how can they make a choice if they are never exposed to any kind of religion.
There’s not much else to say about this past week.  We are busy but it is becoming much more routine as we have now been here for 7 months and know most of the less actives and the actives who want us to make a visit frequently.  We have found several of the less actives who have moved from the area and been able to get them to the clerk to clear them off the branch list.

The gospel is true and we are so blessed to be able to serve here and try to help these people feel of the blessing of membership in the church.  We all need to actively help in our wards and branches to hasten the work.
Elder and Sister Fullmer etc.

the picture is of one of our chestnut trees.  See all the prickly spine balls. You can see the one that has opened up and dropped its nut out.  Evan has collected a whole ice cream bucket and a large butter container of nuts.  He is enjoying "roasting" them.  I think they are rather bland but he likes them.

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