Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

The first picture is of the birds on our lawn one day last week.  They kept flying up into the neighbors tree and then swooping around our house and landing on the grass.  They did this several times and also we have had a day this week when they did it again.
Here are a very few of the pictures that I took of the hotel I talked about in the last email.  1st in Evan and I so you can see the hotel behind us.  2nd is the Art Mystery.  Hopefully you can read the information.  The next ones give some of the ideas for the angel room and then pictures of the angels.  The next is of the dome which doesn't give a very good idea of how large it really is.​


These are another better pictujre of the hotel.  The information on the army hospital, a picture of a picture of men bowling and then the bowlling alley which they have not restored yet.

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