Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 4, 2014

Dear All
The weather has certainly changed in the past week.  Just like home in Idaho it gave us some very cold days, froze everything but now we are having some nicer days.  Cool but not really cold.  It has turned cold enough that we put another blanket on the bed.  It is sweater weather for sure but not like the east that has so much snow.

We had a neat experience at transfer meeting last week.  There has been a young man from Indianapolis serving for 6 weeks with a companionship of Elders while he has been waiting for his mission call.   He actually read his call to tell us where he is going.  He is going to Oregon and leaves in 3 weeks.  It was funny because we have a companionship of Elders who are both from Oregon.  They were late getting to the meeting so when they finally got there President Brough told them about the mission call and how it was taking only one going to Oregon to replace the two who had left from Oregon.  Of course there was much laughter.  I sometimes wonder what the new missionaries think when we have such lively transfer meetings.  President Brough even said he wanted them to see that laughter was an important part of a mission.   There was one new sister and when she was assigned to her new companion there was kind of a silence.  It was amazing how much they looked alike.  President Brough commented on them looking like twins and other than the difference in height they really did.  Transfer meetings are always such a highlight of our time.
Our trip to see some of the country this week was to French Lick Indiana.  It was a beautiful drive through the forests which have turned such beautiful colors.  French Lick has a casino which was built with a moat around it because when it was built it was only legal to have a casino on the water so that is how the owners got around that law.  The moat has since been filled in because the law has changed.  The hotel we went to see was totally amazing.  It was built in 1902, and was called the 8th wonder of the world because of its dome.  It was the largest dome in the world for many years.  It had over 800 rooms, a bowling alley, a bike and horse track, mineral spas, an opera hall, ballroom and all the elegance of the early 1900’s.  After the stock market crash of 1929 it fell on hard times and was finally turned into a hospital during the 1st world War and then a school for the Jesuit monks and then finally was just let go.  It stood empty for a number of years until 1996 and then was placed on the National Historical List and the renovation started.  It is such a nostalgic place.  I could just picture women in long gowns or the roaring 20’s styles with all the rich luxury associated with that.  We walked all around the hall looking at the pictures and browsing the shops and then went through the gardens and peaked into the windows of the old bowling alley which has not been renovated yet.  After that we drove down to the casino and other hotel which was built in 1901 and has a list of the famous people who stayed there including Al Capone but we were too tired to walk through.  From the outside it looks fascinating so maybe at Christmas when they decorate we will make the trip back. 

We had District meeting last Friday.  It was a good training.  We started out with a game where Elder Evans who is one of the Elders here in our area, was blindfolded and then Elder Russell was going to get him to the picture of the Savior.  The rest of us were to try and distract him from that goal.  I felt really bad doing it because I knew he would follow whatever I told him.  I said ‘Elder Evans who do you trust most in this room and he said Sister Fullmer” and it was so hard to try and lead him astray.  I finally couldn’t do it any longer and started telling him the right way to go.  It really showed the point that sometimes the people in investigators lives are telling them one thing and they trust them which makes it hard for us as we are trying to lead them to the Savior.

This week the focus is all about the 72 hour kit project.  I finally got a count and the money from everyone and after figuring everything out yesterday we are headed to Owensboro to buy all the stuff.  I like working with numbers but after spending so much time on this project I am really looking forward to next Tuesday when it will be done.  We have had a good response from some of the less actives who ordered the kits and have committed to being there to help put them together.  Even the single men in the branch have ordered the kits and want to help.  It should turn out to be a lively fun activity.

I will send pictures later as we need to head out.
Love to all
Elder and Sister Fullmer

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