Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Dear Family and Friends
On Sunday we got a phone call from a sister in the branch named Teresa.  She was in North Carolina visiting her sister but her former branch president had called her to see if she could help him out.  It seems that there was this girl Ashley who is originally from Tell City who was in an abusive relationship and had left and the branch president was bringing her back to Tell but she needed a place to stay.  Her mother and sister both live here but she couldn’t stay with them for some reason.  Teresa wanted to know if we could help out until she got home Friday and then Ashley could stay with her.  We talked to Teresa’s branch president and he told us a little of the story but we didn’t know what to do.  We met up with them at Ashley’s mother’s house and said she could stay with us.  I didn’t know if that was the right thing to do but what could we do.  We just asked ourselves “What would Jesus do?”  Ashley said she wasn’t afraid to stay on the street because she had done it before but we didn’t feel good about that.  So from Sunday night until Friday morning we had a guest with us.  She was very easy to have around.  We would take her to her mom’s each morning when we were ready to leave for the day and then she would come back home at night.  She was very diligent in her job search and by Wednesday had a job lined up.  She then went and spent a night with Teresa and then met up with a new friend and moved on to another town.  We see that so much here.  The young people drop out of school, make poor decisions and can’t seem to stick to things when they finally do make a good decision.  We are trying to keep in touch with her and we will see how it goes.

Tuesday and Thursday of the week we helped our friends whose mother passed away clean out her apartment and move all her furniture.  I was surely blessed for that service as I was given several clothing items.  This lady had two closets full of clothes and I was told to take anything I wanted.  Unfortunately for me she was a petite so things were too short but some of her shirts and sweaters fit.  That gave me a boost in the wardrobe department.

On Wednesday our good friends took us out to lunch and then to see an old house called the Holt house.  It was owned by the man who was the attorney general under President Buchanan and was the one in charge of the hangings of four of the people involved in the Lincoln assassination.  The house has stood empty for many years and is now being restored.  As I love old houses it was a treat to see it.  The family cemetery was also interesting to see.  After that we went to a little Amish store and browsed.  After that couple of hours we went to and again cut wood.  Elder Fullmer loves that part of service.  Not so much the moving of furniture though.

The graveside service for our friends mother was on Saturday which was our scheduled temple day.  Because there were 5 women going and we couldn’t get everyone in our car, Elder Fullmer decided to stay home and go to the service with the Elders.  The sisters and I had a good day at the temple   Evan said it worked out well because he was asked to give the opening prayer.   On Friday morning we had learned that one member of our branch presidency’s father had passed away so we attended his service on Sunday after church.  It was very interesting as none of the family except Tim are members so it was a very Protestant service.

We have passed our 8 month mark.  Once again we feel that time is flying by.  Hopefully we are making a difference in some of the people’s lives.  We know it is not us but the spirit that will bring them back so we just keep trying to help them feel the spirit when we visit them. 
The gospel is true so what else matters.

The first picture is the information plaque, 2nd is of the house and 3rd is us at the side of the house.

Love to all of you
Elder and Sister Fulllmer


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