Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

Dear one and All
This has been an emotional week in so many ways.  We have seen and heard of great blessings of the gospel and the strength it can give us if we will do our part.
We got a text from Angie asking us to get a hold of the elders in Louisville and have them go to the hospital to give her husband Randy’s mom a blessing.  We called Elder Moulton in the mission office to learn who the Elders were that would be over that area and he already had the word.  The chaplain from the hospital had called and got it into motion and the Elders were already on their way.  I love that we are well known enough that the chaplain knew who to call.  I called the temple and put her name on the prayer roll.  On Friday evening we got a message that she had passed away.  It was such a blessing because she had cancer so badly and hadn’t even been able to speak for nearly two years.  Randy used to be a member (don’t know the whole story) and Angie has been less active most of her life.  This might be what it takes to bring them both back.  We never know what effect events will have on different people.   We love them both so much.  I have had experiences with Angie that are so sacred and special to me.

We had district meeting on Friday.  Sister Kuenzle told of how there is a family in their area who has joined the church.  The father was baptized about 3 months before the 11 year old girl and he told her not to take the sacrament until she was baptized.  She said that she could hardly wait until she was baptized and that since she has been that she loves going to Sacrament meeting because she gets to partake of the sacrament.  What a mature attitude for one so young.  We should each strive to make that our focal point of every sacrament meeting and be prepared for that sacred ordinance.

We had a branch social on Saturday.   It was the Fall Festival which the branch usually holds out to the Branch Presidents because he has a large place where we could have roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and had a hay ride but because of the poor weather we moved it to the church.  This meant that we went back to all the less actives we had given invites to and let them know the venue had been changed.  It was just another good opportunity to contact them.   There were several kinds of chili, some of which were great and some just okay.  We have learned which members of the branch are the really good cooks and know to get their food first before it is all gone.  Our Relief Society President makes a killer carrot cake that is always the first dessert gone.  We all know that if you want a piece of Eva Mae’s cake you get it before you get any other food or you won’t get any.    Everyone visited and just kind of rotated tables and talked to everyone.    When Penny started the karaoke going it was hard at first to get people singing but after they started groups singing it was really fun.  One of our less actives did come and seemed to have a really good time.  Our 6 boys in the branch had fun doing the games, running around and trying to sing along.  We all laughed when William who is 3 was sitting behind the karaoke machine and was really feeling the music and was swinging his sword and mouthing all kinds of nonsense.  A non-member lady Deb we have helped move two different times came but not her husband.  It turns out that she and several sisters in the branch were great friends growing up.   She kept saying she needed to go home because she does a very early (2 a.m.) paper route but she stayed clear until we started cleaning up.  Maybe this will get us in to teach them.  One of the sisters said that Deb was actually one of the girls her mother liked her to run around with growing up.

I have spent several hours this past week preparing for the talk I gave yesterday.  The inspiration just kept coming from every meeting we attended and so many experiences of the week.  Even on Saturday night I went back in and added and revised some parts of my talk as things were said at our social that gave me new inspiration.  As nervous as it makes me I felt that it went well.  I know that I certainly learned many things from all the preparation and study which I did.  The topic was "Why a testimony is not enough".  It was a good reminder to me that a testimony reguires action to keep it growing or it is too easy to become complacent.  So many of our less actives say they have a testimony but after such long periods of inactivity what do they really have a testimony of.  President Uchtdorf gave a wonderful talk on testimony just this last conference.  If you didn't hear it be sure you read it.

We are involved with a new venture this week.  It is not one I particularly relished at first but we just had to ask "What would the Savior do?'  I will write next week and let you know how it all goes.  Is that a good enough teaser?

The gospel is true.  We need to all do our part to move the work along.  Help the missionaries in your area in whatever way is possible in your particular circumstances.  Feed them, go to lessons with them, do their mending, drive them places they may need to go.  Somehow get involved with the missionary work.  Let us all strive to strengthen our testimonies as we share them with everyone we possibly can.

Mom and Dad etc.

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