Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Hello one and all,
This past week at zone meeting we had some great training by our Zone Leaders.  Elder Newbold told of an experience he had while in a bike area.  He and his companion were nearing the end of the day and were on their way back to their apartment when they saw a man on a bike in the distance.  He was going really slowly and they caught up to him so stopped him and asked him about himself.  His name was Tom and he was interested so they set up an appointment to teach him.  From then on he was either not there when they went for appointments or cancelled the appointments and rescheduled.  They were about to give up on him.  One evening they got a call just as they were about to retire from this man Tom.  He said that this was the end and they thought he was saying that he didn’t want to try and meet with them anymore but he said “You don’t understand.  I have taken a bottle of pills and this is the end”.  They hurriedly got into their car and started to his apartment.  They passed a policeman on their way and stopped and told him what was happening.  The policeman got help and the got Tom to the hospital where they were able to pump his stomach and save him.  Another day when the Elders got home there was a man standing by their apartment.  It was Tom.  He had just moved in with his sister across the street from them.  They learned that he was so down and out because he had no job; his wife had taken the kids and moved to Florida and was divorcing him , he only owned his bike, he had been living with his mother and now was going to live with his sister.  It worked out that they taught him the gospel and he is now in the Elders Quorum Presidency and dating a member.  Elder Newbold stressed how a 3 second decision could have made the difference in this man’s life.  If they had ridden by that first night and not stopped to talk to Tom he would probably be dead now.  It shows how a split second can make a difference in someone’s life and we don’t know what things we do that will affect someone.
Elder Pritchett, one of the zone leaders, told of how his dad is not a member and the rest of the family had all been less active as he grew up.  The elders in his town in Arizona were continually working with his family to try and reactivate them. He finally got his life together and came out on his mission.  One of the missionaries who had been one of those working with his family back in Arizona lived in Lexington Kentucky where Elder Pritchett was assigned to serve at the time.  One day as he and his companion were teaching at a less active member’s home, the member who went with them was that missionary who had helped his family.  They chuckled at the thought that the last time the two of them had been in a less active home it had been Elder Pritchett’s home.  The power of missionaries and member missionaries is unmeasurable.  It makes all the difference to the missionary work if we have the help and support of the members. 

Evan spent a good part of one day out to a member’s home cutting and hauling wood.  Bro. Zellers cut the trees down, Evan trimmed all the branches off and cut it to shorter lengths and the Elders hauled the branches and loaded them on the wagon and hauled and stacked the wood.  Sister Zellers and I kept them fed, ran errands to pick things up for them and worked on a Christmas project she is doing for her granddaughters.  Evan really enjoyed the whole day but certainly felt it the next day.  He thinks he can work like the 20 year old Elders and I must say that he certainly held his own with them but paid for it with some sore muscles.
We found two more of our less actives this past week.  One told us very emphatically that she didn’t want us to try and see her but the other’s life has just changed in a dramatic way and we may see him come back to church.  We will certainly keep in touch with him and encourage him to make the changes in his life he needs.  He really wants to be happy and we know this would be the way to find true happiness.
We had a wonderful Stake conference this past weekend.  Elder Foster of the 70 was our visiting authority and because he is over the Family History he talked a lot about the new program to find and save our families.  He did a presentation showing how even those of us who think all of our genealogy has been done will probably find people who still need work done.  He had a man come up who thought his work was all done and in just a couple of minutes found someone in his lines that the information was there but the work had not been done.  I spent some time today looking at my lines but I didn’t find any temple work that needs done.  I did get the information for a family here that was missing one child in their family and got it ready to have this man’s work done and seal him to his parents.  I also have another brother I am trying to find to get this family complete.  His name and death date are on the family headstone but the dates don’t fit in completely so I will do more research.
It is really turning into fall.  From last week to this the trees have changed colors and the forests are so beautiful.  We have had some much needed rain.  Evan has three little watermelon growing from some seeds he just tossed out and they seem to double in size every day.  If the weather stays warm until November as it usually does here we night get some small watermelon.
We love you all and enjoy hearing from you.  We both encourage each of you to become best friends with the missionaries in your area.  They are there to help you and you should each be there to help them.  It takes all of us working together to bring this great work to pass.  Don’t let a 3 second opportunity pass you by when you might change someone’s life.  The gospel is true and we should joyfully share it. 
Elder and Sister Fullmer etc.

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