Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

This week was a week filled with genealogy for me which makes it super.  I was able to help three different people work on their genealogy and get names ready for the temple.  We also found that lots of the work has been done on one line of a non-member man who is married to one of our most devoted members.  She feels that this might help him come closer to being baptized but doesn’t want to get her hopes up.  He really wanted to see a fan chart for him like she has on her side.  I love genealogy work.  To me that would be the perfect mission.

We had District Meeting and so many times I come away with such a spiritual high.  This time as part of Elder Fleener’s training he told us of his best missionary experience.  He said he hadn’t been out very long but was having a really hard time with contacting people.  He was afraid to talk to people and was with a companion who liked to talk to everyone so he just let his companion take the lead.  One day they started to pass a young man and his companion just kind of pushed him to take the lead and so Elder Fleener asked the young man if they could say a prayer with him.  The young man later told them that he was just asking God to help him find the way.  He had been praying for quite some time to know what way he should go in life and they stopped him and talked to him.  He was baptized along with two of his best friends, a young couple he knew and his mother.  Another of his friends is now investigating the gospel.  All because he finally opened his mouth and didn’t let the opportunity pass by.  Elder Jensen than said to compare the joy Elder Fleener felt with the outcome of opening his mouth to what he would have felt to get to the next life and realize the opportunity he had missed and the sorrow he would have felt knowing he had passed this young man by.  We all need to open our mouths.

This Sunday we after church we had such a wonderful baptism for Sydney.  She said to me as she was going to get dressed that we would have to “surgically remove her smile today”.  She is so ready for this step in her life.  It is so wonderful to see someone going from not really believing in a God to where she is today.  She bore a powerful testimony after her baptism.  Evan will confirm her next week in Sacrament Meeting.    She now really knows what the spirit feels like.  Her mother was there to support her and when she asked her mom how she felt about church she said she felt she had been a member her whole life.  It will certainly be interesting to see where it goes from here with her.  She has had a couple of lessons with the Elders and seems very receptive.  We have been so thrilled to be a part of Sydney’s journey.
Elder Evans gave a really good talk on the Holy Ghost at the baptism.  He told of a friend of his from his ward that told an experience he had coming home from his mission a number of years ago.  He got off the airplane and a missionary’s worst nightmare happened.  There was no one there to meet him.  He saw a phone across the hall and went over to use it.  As he walked through the arched doorway he heard a sound like a whooshing and thought it might be a heater vent. He looked around but couldn’t see anything.   He called his mom and found that they had the wrong gate so he said he would come and meet them.   As he went through the arched doorway he again heard and felt this whooshing.  He looked around and again didn’t see anything but as he looked closer he realized that he had walked into a bar where the phone was.  He said it was so real to him that the sound he heard and what he felt was the Holy Ghost leaving.  The Holy Ghost can’t be with us when we are in such places.  Even though he was innocent in the experience it taught him a great lesson.  It is such a good lesson for us all to learn and practice.

As you can read we have had a very great week with some wonderful spiritual experiences.  We also were able to attend the temple last Saturday which is always such a great experience.  The session was so full that one of our sisters who had gone with us didn’t even get in.  She was upset at first but went and did initiatory and said after that it was just what she needed that day.  Another tender mercy of the Lord.
Have a wonderful week everyone.  Share the gospel every chance you get—even if you are afraid to open your mouth.
Elder and Sister Fullmer

Mom and Dad

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