Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

It seemed as if the week flew by and as I look back at my journal to see what to write I find that it has just been a typical week.  We did some service, visited less actives, visited the sick, helped plan a baptism, baked food to take to people, encouraged the down trodden(texting is great when they won’t answer their phone but will text), prepared lessons for Sunday, fed the Elders, drove to Louisville for transfer meeting which ends up being nearly 300 miles, made numerous trips to Bristow (45 miles round trip), stopped at the gas station a lot (thank heavens for cheaper gas), had weekly District Meeting and even babysat 4 little boys so their parents could have a date.  Our mission call is to help in the branch where ever needed and that about sums it up for the week.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem as if we have or are making a big difference but we just keep going.  Who knows what soil we are preparing or what seeds we are planting?  We did meet with a less active man who is just working here temporarily and he seems sincere in his desire to come back to church.  He was very active at one time but let things slip away when he got divorced.  We are so thrilled about the baptism coming up next week.  Every time Sydney learns something new she is so excited to implement it in her life.  She reads her scriptures any time she is feeling down or discouraged or faces some challenge.  She is truly an inspiration to this branch.  She went to primary with me yesterday to see what it was all about and bore her testimony to our boys about how much she already loves the scriptures and how blessed they are to have had them their whole lives.

We just passed our 11 month mark.  Time really does fly when you are having fun. We love the opportunity to share our testimonies of our Savior and His atonement.
Elder and Sister Fullmer
Ps.  Kimber: thank you so much for the sharing time idea.  I used the punch cup thing in my lesson and of course the 5 boys loved it.
Kara:  Thanks for the long email.  It was so good to learn of what is happening in your family.
Joe, Josh, Cami and Jake:  Thanks for the phone calls.  It was good to visit.
Connie:  Thanks for always sending your notes.  We appreciate any communications we get even short ones.
Amy:  Congrats on the upcoming grandchild.  You will make a wonderful grandmother.
Gary and Wanda:  We have really enjoyed your blog.  You certainly don’t have time to get “trunky”.
Dale and Ivalue:  It sounds as if your busy schedule has started up again.  Keep up the good work.
Val:  We have enjoyed following your mission.  You certainly have served a little bit differently doing so much of it on your own.
Charlie:  Thanks for the information and the help.

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