Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Hello all from sunny Indiana.  Our weather has been so beautiful the last 4 days we are hoping it isn’t the calm before the storm.  It has been jacket weather which has sure been appreciated.
The best part of the last couple of weeks has been the decision of our friend Sydney to be baptized.  She is nineteen and really didn’t know anything about God when the Elders started teaching her.  She has come so far and is so excited.  We were with them last week when they taught about tithing and she just said “hurry and ask me the will you question”.  That is how each lesson ends.  Will you live the law of tithing or will you live the word of wisdom (she wasn’t sure about giving up an occasional glass of wine but did make the commitment.)  That is one way you can tell if someone is really understanding and changing their lives-if they answer the Will You questions and then keep the commitments.  We also watched the Mountain of the Lord video with her and she is so excited about going to do baptisms for the dead.  We looked and perhaps we can take her to the Indianapolis temple open house in April.  Sydney just announced at Family Home Evening that she has moved her baptism date up two weeks.  At one lesson she told us all that she didn’t think she was feeling the spirit like we all talk about feeling. She said that she hadn’t ever really felt a burning like the Elders had told her could happen and Elder Fullmer told her that it might be more a feeling of peace.  That made more sense to her and she said that even though her life is not perfect and she still has some problems she really has felt peace since she has learned about the gospel.  Our branch has really taken to her and are all fellowshipping her.  She said tonight that it would be hard to see “her missionaries” ever go but knows that is what happens.  She has especially bonded with our friend Carolyn because she is just the age Carolyn was when Carolyn joined the church so they have that in common.  Sydney was feeling a little down because she has told some of her friends about being baptized and they are giving her a hard time about it.  She is so excited for her baptism that she wants everyone to be happy with and for her.
I spent 4 hours one day going visiting teaching to two ladies.  About an hour and a half of that was travel time and then we just make long visits because we never take the time to visit on Sunday.  One of the ladies is in her 80’s and comes to church when she can but she needs to visit.  She has been really sick so hasn’t been to church for several weeks so we had a good time catching up.
We have to be in Owensboro by 6 a.m. tomorrow to take a set of Elders to transfer meeting.  We really did want to go to this particular transfer meeting because both Elder Davis and Elder Gerard finish their missions tomorrow.  They were the Elders here in Tell City when we arrived on our mission and we love them both.   It means for a very early morning and a rather long day but so worth it.  We love transfer meetings because of the enthusiasm of all the missionaries.  There is nothing like Greenie Fire.
WE love all of you and appreciate any texts, emails, phone calls or letters.  We both love the gospel and love being here with these good people.  We know we can all make a difference if we just let out light shine and not be afraid to share the truthfulness of the gospel.  Just remember that so many are seeking the truth but don’t know where to find it.
Elder and Sister Fullmer

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