Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Dear One and All
Like our friends the Hatch’s serving in Nauvoo and my sister-in-law Sister Hawkins serving in Missouri we have had the bitter cold this past couple of weeks.  We haven’t had any snow and luckily didn’t get the freezing rain that was predicted but it is cold and that makes it hard to want to go out and visit anyone.  I am finally over my cough for the most part so didn’t need to stay in but we did still have the unpacking to do from the big move.  We finally got pictures hung and all unpacked and it feels like home.  It is hard to remember that we ever lived anywhere else.  Because we lived in a house where two other Senior Couples had lived there was quite a bit of stuff collected by both couples.  We tried to weed out anything we didn’t feel was necessary except beautiful pictures one couple had purchased which make our home look so much homier. 
Some of our grandson’s sent us little cards with jokes on them and we have had such a good time taking them with us and sharing.  Our friend Leroy who has been paralyzed from the neck down for about 30 years always tells us a joke when we go see him.  His speech is hard to understand but his family can with work, interpret for us.  We stopped one day and he was alone (his wife only leaves him for very short periods of time) and we told him one of the jokes.  The next day when we stopped to see them again the first thing his wife and one son told us was that when they got home Leroy told them the joke.  He has such a sense of humor.  Everyone tells us that he was so fun before his stroke and we can see that he would have been.  The joke we told him was “What do you call old snowmen?”  “Water”.  Thanks Justin and Hyrum for sending the jokes to us.  We still have several more to take to Leroy to add to his collection.
We had such a great experience of following the spirit last week.  On Tuesday we didn’t have any set appointments but needed to do a few things in the morning.  After lunch Evan said that he felt we should go visit our friend Carolyn.  I was kind of hesitant because we had an appointment to be there on Wednesday for a lesson and dinner with an investigator Sydney and I thought we should visit someone else.  He just said he really felt we should go there so we went out and when we got there Greg her husband met us at the door and said “I am so glad you came, Carolyn really needs you right now.”  He was getting ready to go to work so we only talked to him for a few minutes before he left and then we spent time with Carolyn.  She has been going through some really rough things and needed to talk to someone.  Evan was really in tune with the spirit.  It feels so good when you know you are in the right place at the right time.

Evan has some new responsibilities in the branch.  They can’t officially call him to them but because we are called to serve wherever the branch president needs us, Evan was asked to be the Young Men’s President as well as an assistant clerk.  Our clerk is moving to Utah this week and they are facing the yearly audit so needed help.  Because Evan has been a clerk before he knows what goes into that audit so can be of great help.  The branch had a Young Men’s President but because we didn’t have any boys coming he was never there for that last hour of church.  We now have a family coming that has 14 and 12 year old boys.  The 12 year old hasn’t been baptized but comes.  We also have a boy who comes every other week who is 12 and his mother says he can now choose to be baptized if he wants.  He has just been going in with the primary because he has a half-brother who comes all the time and there were no other boys.  Evan is trying to get the three boys and their fathers to come to Aaronic Priesthood.  This was the first Sunday since he was asked to do this and the boys didn’t come this week.  I have never seen Evan put so much time into preparing a lesson as he did the one for the boys.  He really wants to make a difference in the lives of these boys if he can as well as their less active fathers.
I was able to help in the Primary yesterday which I love.  We had our little William start primary and he was so good it was amazing.  He didn’t get off his chair the whole first hour.  He wasn’t sure he wanted to come back in after getting a drink and going to the bathroom but I told him we were going to talk about puppies and kitties and he came in.  I am going to be teaching a lesson in there each week.  Because of the size of our primary they haven’t really been giving them a lesson each week but just trying to keep 5 boys from 7-12 learning.  I talked to the older boys after primary and told them we would be gearing the lessons to Williams level part of the time and just be patient with us.  They all said it would be fine because they were still just kids too.  It was sweet of them. 
Time is flying by so quickly.  When we think that it is less than 8 months until we come home we feel such an urgency to work harder, be more in tune and find all those we haven’t yet found.  Now with Evans calling as the clerk we want even more to get the branch lists in order so the next Senior Couple won’t have such a challenge finding people.  We love this gospel and want to help those in this area especially in this branch feel of the love of our Savior and understand the Atonement. 
We love you all and want to hear from you. 
Elder and Sister Fullmer
Mom and Dad
Grandpa and Grandma

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