Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 20, 2015

Dear one and all
We thought spring had come to Indiana but that just means rain, rain and more rain.  We were helping a couple move two weeks ago.  They moved about 35 miles away so we made a number of trips there as it was just a matter of loading their truck and taking a load.  One load we were about half way there in a town called Rockport when sirens were going off for a tornado warning.  The elders got a call from Elder Moulton from the office saying there were tornado warning’s in Tell City so to get somewhere safe and to let us know.  Because we were together we heard it all.  The rain started to just pelt down and the wind was really bad.  I though Laura would pull under the station awning and try and keep her furniture dry but she just headed out for Hatfield.  The wind and rain were really bad for about 10 minutes and then cleared off.   When we got back to Tell City we learned that a tornado had struck about 15 miles up the road in a different direction from where we were taking out a number of trees  and picking up a shed and moving it without damaging the car or truck that were sitting inside of it.  I must admit that I would like to see a small tornado just for the experience if it didn’t do any damage but just went through.  Of course because we are in Indiana where the forests are so dense it would be hard for a tornado to set down without taking out a lot of trees.  We helped that family move two different days then drove them home on Sunday because their truck broke down after church and then made two more trips on Monday to help them out.  We were both pretty tired after that week and are finding that some days we just really need to have some time to rest.
Last week we again spend part of two days helping another couple move.  Luckily they only moved about 6 blocks and they had already moved a lot of stuff so we just helped with some of the furniture.  They took us to lunch both days so that was a nice way of them saying thanks. 
With transfer meeting last week we at it made for another long trip and very early morning.  We left at about 5 a.m. to be in Evansville by 6.  We went there because Elder Riphenburg was transferred to Henderson and where it was an in zone transfer we just took him over there and met his new companion Elder Staley.  We then took Elder Weyland and Elder Stewart to Louisville for transfer meeting which was 100 miles in the opposite direction.  It poured rain the whole time they were switching out luggage and then all the way to Louisville.  We got there by 9:30 Kentucky time so they had some time to visit with their friends.  Our new Elder is Elder Gould.  He has only been a member for 2 years and has been on his mission for 6 months.  He is the only member of his family other than his step-mom and he has a step brother who actually served in this mission.  We really like him already.
We had FHE at our house again tonight because the family who were supposed to hold it this time is once again behind water covered roads.  We had a really good turnout to FHE because Alex Gerard who served here when we first got here and his family were in town and everyone wanted to see him.  I spent a good part of the day fixing food for a large crowd and it was all appreciated.  I was glad it was still cool so that I could make soups which are easy for a large group.  We had such a good time talking and laughing. 
When we went to the temple on Saturday I had Family Ordinance Requests for seven different people to get temple cards printed.  Some of them aren’t even active but are interested in getting work done for their family members.  It has been such a good experience to help people do their work.  I just begin to feel that I understand all of Family Search and then they make some changes and I have to learn some new things.  I have called the Family Search missionaries several times but now know how to do things and can teach the sisters when we have our next class.  They all got excited about 5 years ago when a senior couple was helping them but didn’t learn the program well enough to continue on their own so I really want them all to feel comfortable using Family Search before we come home so they will continue after we are gone.
We love you all and promise you that as you help the missionary work in your area you will be blessed.  Every Senior Couple we have talked to (and we feel the same way) say they are going to be better member missionaries when they get home now that they see how important members are to the missionary work.  The full time missionaries can’t do it all alone nor should they have to.  We each need to do our part.  Hastening the work takes all of us. 
Elder and Sister Fullmer

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