Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 20015

It doesn’t seem as though there is much to write about this week.  The time is flying by and we are making lots of visits, meeting new people, doing service for many people, teaching lessons and enjoying being with the Elders but it is all things I have written about before.  We have had some unique opportunities to serve the family we moved the 40 miles away as they haven’t been to their new ward yet to meet anyone who would be closer to them who could help them out. 
The highlight of last week was really our visit with Gary and Wanda Yearsley.  They are from our hometown and finished serving a mission in California in February.  They had been in Texas visiting their daughters and were on their way to Indianapolis to visit with another daughter so we were on their way.  It was such a good evening with them sharing mission experiences both positive and funny.  They served as the office couple with Gary being in charge of apartments and cars-a job Elder Fullmer prays he never gets.  Wanda served in the office paying all the bills and keeping the mission running.  I am truly glad that we got an MLS mission and not an office mission.  They had way more stress than we do and also never had time to take a nap when they needed it which we sometimes find we need to do.  There are so many ways to help with the Hastening of the Work.
Our newest convert Sydney got her first calling this past week and was sustained as 2nd counselor in the Primary on Sunday.   When she was asked to stand and be sustained she put her hands on her hips and just beamed.  She is so excited to have a calling and it made me think about how I react when I get a calling.  I hope I can always be as excited to serve as she is.  When Janine and Shay H(Primary President and 1st counselor) leave in less than a month she will be the only member of the primary presidency so has a lot to learn in the next little bit of time.  The Sister who was called to be president turned down the calling so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.  I will spend as much time as possible helping Sydney learn the ropes so she will be prepared.  She certainly isn’t afraid to speak out in primary and tell the boys how blessed they are to have this while they are young.  She is already learning the primary songs and loving it.  She also got called to be the chorister in Sacrament Meeting which means teaching her how to lead music but she is enthused about that as well.
Today we had the fun of going on a 2 hour hike with the Elders, Sydney and another young man George, from the branch.  We went to the Hemlock Cliffs and got to enjoy the beautiful rocks and valleys.  We did more climbing than we probably should have and tonight I am really feeling it but it was fun while it lasted.  I will probably be so stiff tomorrow I won’t be able to move but it was worth it.  The hike was actually only just a little more than a mile but with all the extra climbing we did it made for lots more.  No boring days with this bunch around.
Much love to everyone.  Remember we each need to do our part in the Hastening of the work.  Be a member missionary by word and deed.  Let your light shine.
Elder and Sister Fullmer

1st picture Looking down the trail to the first stop on our hike.  #2  Sister Fullmer having climbed up to the rocks--I think I can  #3Elder Fullmer at a point in the stairs going back up the mountain.  #4More stairs leading back up the trail.  #5  Layered rock formation.


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