Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

Our family search meeting last week was very successful.  Evan went and set up the computer and got it working with the church system so I could show it on the screen.  The meeting went really well and I was pleasantly surprised to have Tom S and Carol V come as they are two of our less actives. We had visited Tom last week and told him about it but didn’t expect to see him.   Evan stayed to make sure things worked right which I was very grateful for.  He sat next to Tom and helped him try and get things set up. 
I told everyone about the connection I had found with John Solomon Fullmer and Noah Thomas Guymon that I mentioned in last weeds email and also of the reply our granddaughter Samantha had sent about what she had learned of Noah Thomas Guymon.  She enjoys family history almost as much as I do I think.   She is actually the family history consultant in her ward.  Here is what she said.
 “That's pretty cool, as soon as I read Noah Thomas Guymon I knew I had researched him, but I never knew that. I have found out however, my mom and dad are related at the 4th/5th generation (I think...). Louisa Rowley, Noah Thomas Guymon's wife, is the daughter of William and Ann Jewell Rowley. Wellllll on Grandma Joy's side is Samuel Rowley, Louisa's younger brother. Therefore on both sides of my family William and Ann Jewell are my great great great great grandparents. I had always known about Ann Jewell being on my Grandma Joy's side because of her amazing pioneer story, what I didn't know until I went through the "find your pioneer ancestors" thing on Family Search that she was also on your side. I thought that was pretty cool when I figured that out”
The members seem more comfortable with the program now which was the goal.
We each spent last Wednesday going our separate ways.  Evan went and worked with some members cutting wood and then stopped and did some weed eating at another member while I went with some of the sisters and did the Memorial Day thing-cleaning headstones and placing flowers.  Because I think cemeteries are fascinating I had a really enjoyable day.  I wish the headstones could tell the stories of the people buried there.  I would love to hear of their joys and sorrows, their dreams and hopes.  Silly I know.
The rest of the week has been pretty normal.  We did more service, helped with family history, prepared lessons and made visits.  Sometimes we look back and ask what we really did during the week but we manage to keep plenty busy.
We are both so grateful for the opportunity to serve these people in this branch.  Evan said that yesterday Bro. Hinkle who is moving and having a hard time with it asked Brother Skeen to give him a blessing.  Brother Skeen is the one paralyzed from the neck down and it is very hard to understand him but Evan said the spirit was so strong you could really feel it.  Our testimonies have grown so much watching these amazing people face their trials but carry on with such grace.
We love you all and pray that each of you will seek opportunities to serve those around you.  We testify that this gospel is true and the only way to true happiness.
Love to all
Elder and Sister Fullmer

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