Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Dear Loved Ones
We had Zone conference last week which is always such a spiritual high.  President Brough told about how in our mission it takes 71 new investigators to get 1 baptism and the rest of the world it takes 15-20.  We need to talk to people not contact them.  We need to be more open and friendly and not just treat it as “we have to have so many contacts so we will harass everyone we meet” kind of contacts.  He also told us of being a fighter pilot and how they were trained to keep turning to keep the “enemy” on their 3 o’clock position so they were always in sight.  The saying was Lose sight-lose fight.  We need to know what the goals are and how to achieve them.  He then told of going on his mission to England back in 1969.  That year that mission had set a goal to have 1200 baptisms.  It was December and the mission was close to their goal.  Pres. And his companion had set their goal as 7.  They had the number 7 all over their apartment, on 3x5 cards and a great big one in their window.  They talked to everyone they could and did get their 7 which gave the mission 1207 baptism for the year.  They never lost sight of their goal and accomplished it.
When we were talking about being prompted by the spirit Elder Pollack read a quote that Elder Bednar had given at the MTC.  He said “quit worrying about it.  Quit fussing with it.  Quit magnifying it. Keep the commandments and I promise you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that as you press forward with faith in Christ your footsteps will be guided.  As you open your mouth, it will be filled and you will be where you need to be and most of the time you will not even have any idea how you got there.”  Sometimes when we make our visits that is just how I feel.  We don’t know why we are prompted to go visit someone but it always seems to work out.
Most of last week I spent in bed and Evan worked on his talk.  I caught a cold and then it turned into a nasty cough.  I have felt pretty good except the cough.  Sleeping sitting up hasn’t helped much but that has been the only way I could keep from coughing.  I have to be over the cough by Thursday because we get to have a Senior Couples dinner and fireside on Thursday evening.  The fireside is with Elder Kopishke from the 70’s.  It will be so nice to meet all the other Senior Couples and have time to really get acquainted.  We are staying overnight in a hotel in Louisville because it worked out that because of a late flight Elder Kopishke won’t be able to start the fireside until 9:00 and we also have a mini mission conference with him the next day so rather than drive clear home and then back the next day we are staying over.  I am looking forward to the hot tub in our hotel.
We were able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with different families.  It was interesting to have real southern cooking and see the traditional dishes from here but I must say that I missed some of our traditional favorites.
It is official.  We are moving the first week in January.  Our current landlord is raising the rent on our home and we were able to find a duplex for less money.  We can actually start moving any time now as the new landlady said she didn’t even care about December’s rent but wanted us to move before the weather gets too bad.  I am going over to clean cupboards this morning and then we will probably start moving a few things.  It is surprising how much more stuff is in this house than was on the list from the mission office.  The couples before us have collected quite an assortment of furniture and kitchen appliances and as we are moving into a smaller place we need to get rid of some things. 
This week I have been so grateful for good health.  When an inconvenience such as the cold and cough which I have had the past week come along it is such a good reminder of how blessed we are to have good health and to be able to serve here.
 The gospel is true and we must be part of the hastening of the work. Take every opportunity to reach out to others and share what we are so blessed to have.
Elder and Sister Fullmer etc.

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