Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Hello everyone
The highlight of the past week was going to transfer meeting.  Our Elder Caldwell finished up his mission and was ready to go home.  We had such a good meeting with some really wise “words of wisdom” from the awesome missionaries.  We sent 20 Sisters and 7 Elders home this time and only had 17 come in.  The time has come when the rush with the age change has evened out.  The mission has to close several areas now because of the lack of missionaries.  Our Elder Evans got a brand new greenie to train and he is doing well already.  Elder Caldwell’s parents flew out to get him and drove to Tell City on Wednesday and we were all able to go out and eat together.  He said it seemed weird to have his mission family and his real family together.
I finally gave in and went to a different doctor because my cough hasn’t gotten any better.  He gave me a steroid shot and some very pricey drugs.  He told me that I had pneumonia in my right lung and if I wasn’t feeling better by today to come back and see him.  I did go back today and he said the x-rays showed I didn’t have pneumonia but did have bronchitis.  He said it sounds like I am probably ¼ of the way over it and to just keep taking the drugs, my cough drops and cough medicine but that I am not really contagious and can go to Zone meeting tomorrow.  I also sliced a finger when I broke a glass yesterday but he said it had already started to heal and he wasn’t going to stitch it.  It is of course on my right hand and is numb but if I accidentally straighten it get quite a shock.  We were going to try and move this week but with the Christmas party we are in charge of, the cough and now the sore finger we have decided to wait until after Christmas.  We might change our minds again but it is good to know we don’t have to do it all right now.  The rest of the week we will spend setting up and preparing for the party.  It is so different to plan a party for 60 instead of a whole ward but still a responsibility I take seriously.  Last year at home I was in charge of the treat bags for every member of the ward.  We put names on each bag and anyone who didn’t come to the party got a visit from the bishopric with their bags.  We did about 250 bags last year so it is a real change.
We are looking forward to our mission Christmas conference and party next Monday.  We have never been with the whole mission at once and it is going to be great to see some of those who were in our district and now in the other part of the mission.  It is so easy to love these missionaries as they work so hard to share the gospel.
Our weather has been more like September to us and it is hard to realize that Christmas is just over a week away.  We are told that this is a normal December.  It makes it easier to travel with no snow but I kind of do miss a white Christmas—probably would only want a day or two and then back to enjoying the weather we are having though.
It is certainly easier to remember the reason we celebrate Christmas when we aren’t even thinking about gifts for anyone.  We have watched the #Sharethegift video over and over as well as the one that was done with the live nativity in Utah.  That really is the reason for the joy of this season.  I was missing buying books for the grandkids though so found some books for the 4 little boys we get to be with every coordination meeting.  Buying a train book and a construction book made me smile as I thought of our grandsons Max and Zane and their love of those books.

Remember we love all of you.  We love the opportunity to serve and we certainly love the people here.  The gospel is true, the Savior is the reason, we need to all do our part in spreading the joy.

Elder and Sister Fullmer etc.

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