Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Dear Loved Ones
This has been a rather slow week as I am still coughing so hard I am afraid to go visit anyone.  We made a number of phone visits to check up on people but spent most of the early part of the week just cleaning the new apartment and moving some of the things we don’t use much.  It has taken some major cleaning but I think we are about ready for the move whenever we decide to actually do it.
We were able to go to Louisville on Thursday for the Senior Couples dinner at the mission home. We took a tour of the mission home and saw the basement which has a big dorm for the Elders and two smaller rooms for the Sisters along with a commons room where they do training.  The house was built especially for a mission home.  There is a staircase for the Elders and one for the Sisters and never the twain shall meet.  It also has a bedroom for the visiting authorities or a senior couple who might stay there.  President Brough had to go to the airport to pick up Elder Kopischka so we just went around the room and each told a little about ourselves, where we are serving, how we met and our testimonies.  It was really nice to get to know some of the other couples.  President Brough kept calling to tell us the flight was delayed and by the time he got back with Elder K it was about 9:45 so he didn’t actually talk for very long.  We could tell that we were in for a special meeting on Friday.
It was nice to stay in a hotel, enjoy a continental breakfast and leisurely drive to the mission office.  Our meeting wasn’t until 1:45 so we had time to sleep in a little and be lazy.  We then went over to the mission office and picked up a microwave, some new frying pans and some other odds and ends that we need for the new apartment.  They have a recliner that they are going to bring to us when they come and get the washer and dryer on the 16th.  That will probably be when we actually move because once the washer and dryer are gone we are going to want to get it done.
We were told last Sunday that “the missionaries always do the Christmas Party” so we have been scrambling to get things organized.  We have a generous budget but I sure miss Winco.  Trying to get candy in bulk just isn’t happening and because the branch has never done just bags of candy and the orange and peanuts that are so traditional at home we wanted to do them.  It will all come together but take a little more careful planning.
We will be taking the Elders to Louisville tomorrow as Elder C goes home.  His parents are already here to pick him up as his mother served her mission here a number of years ago and came to visit with some of the people she has kept in contact with.  They are actually coming back to Tell City on Wednesday and we are doing a Christmas dinner for them.  It will be nice to meet his parents.  We are excited as always to learn who our new Elder will be.  We have heard that Elder E will be training a greeny which will be awesome.  Elder E is such a dynamic Elder that he will be a great trainer.
That’s all the news for rainy Indiana.  Remember that we each need to share our testimony at every opportunity.  That is something that has impressed me since we got here.  We have been here for 9 Fast Sunday’s and not once has there been any pause between testimonies.  These people love to share their testimonies and the spirit is always so strong.  There are seldom any talkamonies or travelogues but just sincere testimony.  We love our branch.
Elder and Sister Fullmer

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