Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

This has been a week of tender mercies and trials.  Our poor Elders called on Tuesday and said they had bedbugs.  We started doing all their laundry which took a couple of days and they slept on our couches for 4 nights waiting for mattress covers and the exterminators.  They were finally able to go back to their apartment on Saturday after I picked things up for them at the mission office after a temple trip.  They had to do major cleaning which probably wasn’t a bad thing as long as Elders have lived in that apartment.  It wasn’t a catastrophic trial but more of a nuisance for them. 
Friday was our District meeting which we did the training for.  It was a little intimidating at first to think of teaching these so well prepared missionaries but there is a lot to be said for experience.  After meeting we all went over to the river side park to take district pictures.  We take pictures the last District Meeting before every transfer.  We then went to the New China Buffet because I really wanted Chinese food.  We had to go that way to try the Walmart for mattress covers anyway.  As we went in a man stopped the Elders and said he was a member of the Owensboro branch and wanted to know about them.  He later came over and said he was paying for all of our lunch.  What a tender mercy.  If we had stayed longer to take pictures, or gone to Walmart first we would have missed him.  I don’t believe in coincidences but just mercies.  Then on Saturday when two of the sisters and I went to the temple we had another tender mercy which didn’t seem like it at first.  We missed the Cincinnati exit because we were talking and had to go down to Story and turn around which turned out to be another tender mercy.  We saw that Grinstead Drive was the next exit from Story so knew where we needed to go after the temple to get to the mission office.  We back tracked to 3rd Avenue and headed back the way we needed to go and took the Cincinnati exit and made it to the temple in time.  As I thought about it I figured it would be faster and shorter to take 3rd Ave and go back to Grinstead drive than to follow the  directions on mapquest because they were taking us clear down to the Shelbyville road and then back tracking up to Grinstead which would have been a lot longer.  We did that and it made it very fast.  After we left the mission office we went the normal way to come home but the St Louis exit is now closed and we missed the way we were supposed to go and ended up taking Story again and turning around which turned out to be the best way.  Shae Hinkle said they had taken the right detour according to the signs after leaving the hospital this last time and it took them on a way out of the way route and since then they take Story and back track.  That is nice to know as we are going to transfer meeting on Tuesday so will just go back out Eastern Parkway and Grinstead Drive and miss the construction.  It sure didn’t seem like a tender mercy at first but sure turned out to be.

Our new convert is just on fire.  She called all excited because she had talked to a man while she was at work and told him about the gospel.  She set up an appointment with him for Friday to meet with the Elders.  She is so excited about the gospel.  He wasn’t there when they went for the first appointment but they were able to meet him yesterday and he committed to read the Book of Mormon.  We all went to a part member family after that and she told them how she is the newest member and wants to be a missionary so badly.  Who knows just who she will touch?
I did some family history for a less active we have been visiting and when we took it to him last Saturday he got so excited.  This just might be the key to his becoming active once again.  He is the only member in his family so has a great responsibility.  He wants to get on the computer and start finding people on his own so I will probably spend some time teaching him the basics next time we meet. 

Hastening the work comes in many different ways.  Converting new members, reactivating those who have fallen away, doing the work for our dead and also serving in our community or schools or wherever we can to show our love for all of God’s children are all parts of the hastening.  I know we each can make a difference in even little ways.

We love all of you and thank you for your continued support.
Elder and Sister Fullmer
 The pictures at the end are our District pictures which Hermana Bennett draws for us before each transfer.  we look forward to seeing what she comes up with each time.  Because she didn't get transferred this time we will get at least one more.


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