Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

The weeks continue to fly by as we try to make a difference in this branch.  Last week we were able to again go to transfer meeting.  We haven't missed one yet since we have been here.  It is always so fun to get to see the new greenies come in and the enthusiasm they have.  It is also so great to get to see missionaries who have been transferred from our zone that we have come to  love.  After a very long day with our 300 mile round trip we got home in time to make a couple of visits.
We once again had a snow day where we were all instructed to stay home and not be on the roads.  We got about 12 inches of new snow which totally shuts down the city.  One inch actually shuts down the city so you can imagine what 12 inches did.  I thought of the saying that neither rain nor snow nor sleet of night can keep the postal service from running or however the saying goes but in Indiana 12 inches certainly shuts down the service on some roads.  We didn't get our usual newspaper on Thursday.  Our road finally got plowed out later Thursday afternoon but they mostly just push the snow into the driveways making a couple of passes down the street.  Evan had spent a good part of the day shoveling our driveway and the landlady's drive (with the help of a young couple from across the street) and the snow plow just pushed the snow back into our drive.  It meant that we had plenty of down time to work on our lessons for Sunday.  It is so interesting and challenging to plan a primary lesson for our primary of boys from ages 3-12.  Our one young man hasn't been baptized yet and with no other young men in the branch he feels more comfortable coming with his brother to primary so we just keep him.

We were again able to babysit for the Osborn's while they went to the temple.  I must say that it can be quite a challenge to have 4 boys for 9 hours and not really just want to go back home where it is quiet.  When we got home I got a text from our sweet sister wanting to know if it would be too much trouble to make her more whole wheat bread and take it to them on Sunday.  She is the one dying of cancer and the bread is something she really enjoys and can actually keep down.  Evan took the Elders and went visiting while I made bread.  
Our new convert Sydney got her recommend on Sunday to do baptisms and also to get her patriarchal blessing. While she was here for Family Home Evening we planned our trip for a week from Friday.  It is so awesome to see her enthusiasm for the gospel and to feel of her spirit.  We fix dinner on Sundays for the Elders and have started having Sydney and another member come over as well and then we have a spiritual thought or scripture.  Every time Sydney pulls out her favorite scripture from her reading.  She is in Alma from when she first started reading the Book of Mormon two months ago and loves the scriptures.  She also pulls things out of the lessons from Sunday and talks about what she has learned.  She is just like a sponge.
With all of the melting snow the river has passed flood stage and some of the roads are covered in water which keeps some of our members from town.  One of the families has moved into town with other family members so they can continue to work.  We don't want to wish anyone back luck for too much flooding but it would be really cool to see them put the flood gates in at the flood wall.  Only someone who has never had to deal with the water problem would want that and that is this Idaho girl.  The water is supposed to crest by Wednesday and then start receding.
That's about all for this week.  The gospel is true so what else matters.

Elder and Sister Fullmer

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