Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

We had some excitement last week which I thought I would share.  I woke up at 6:30 on Tuesday so decided to get up and call Kellie our daughter who lives in Africa.  We had talked just about a half hour when the smoke alarm went off.  Evan checked it and got it to go off.  We thought it was probably just the battery but then he felt the ceiling by the smoke alarm and it was hot so we decided I had better get dressed and he called 911.  I hurried and picked up a few thing while he talked to the 911 operator and put them in the car just to be on the safe side.  We soon had two fire trucks and three police cars outside our house.  They did all kinds of checking but found that it was the fan to the furnace.  The furnace was coming on but the fan wasn’t blowing so all the heat was just going into the ceiling.  They used a really neat hand held gadget which told them how hot the ceiling was and showed if there were any flames.  They also climbed into the attic to make sure all was well.  We tried and tried to get our landlady awake to let her know what was going on but couldn’t get her to answer.  I called Kellie back after all was back to normal to let her know things were okay.  Kellie told me that I had forgotten the first rule of a fire which is to get out first.  She said that they have really learned through all their moves that you can easily live without things that at first you thought were special or important.  I have realized that after being here for 13 months and not having really missed anything from home.  This all did make me realize though that I need to back up my journal because it can’t be replaced and I have done nearly 200 pages of journal since we got here.  I can easily grab my purse with a thumb drive in it with my journal.  I suppose my smarter than me kids could tell me how to put it in that cloud thingy and it would be safe but until then I will just keep it updated on a thumb drive.

The whole week last week was just one busy day after another.  I spent one day cemetery hopping with some of the sisters.  They are all related and we were able to find some of the headstones of their ancestors.  We went to 5 different cemeteries and located several headstones they didn’t know about from their family.  It was exciting to find the one headstone for Anna Spicer who was a great aunt to Eva Mae.  We had learned through some research that she had been married to Eva Mae’s grandfather but had only lived a year after they were married and then died along with a baby girl.  The headstone only said Anna Spicer Cunningham so I wanted proof that she was actually married to John Milton before we entered it into family search.  Later in the week I was doing family history with one of the ladies and we found the proof that Anna Spicer was married to John Milton Cunningham which was so exciting and we got her name and information entered into family search.  This was a great aunt that Eva Mae knew nothing about.  Can I just say again that I love doing genealogy and the results of doing it?

While I was enjoying cemeteries, Elder Fullmer was spending the day with a member and the Elders cutting wood.  It was Evan’s birthday so the reward for the help was that the member took us all out to dinner.  I think after the 6 mile hike the Elders took him on Monday and then a full day of cutting wood he was pretty worn out. The Elders are always teasing Elder Fullmer about how old he is and then they brought him a birthday card and gift.  The card says on the outside “It wasn’t easy but I finally found someone who can alter your birth certificate”.  On the inside it shows a caveman with his chisel and mallet and it makes a sound like he is changing the date.  They also gave him a big collage of pictures they have taken during the last week of things we have done.  It is now hanging in a prominent place on our wall.  We sure do love these Elders.

The rest of the week was just as busy with more service, more genealogy, visiting teaching, interviews with the mission president, dinner appointments (we had one for every night last week) and our branch social.  This week has already begun the same.  Elder Fullmer made a trip this morning to Louisville with Brother Wilson to give a blessing to one of the triplets born to his niece.  These babies were born clear back the end of January and are slowly gaining but this tiny one still weighs less than 3 pounds and needed an extra boost.  Considering that none of the family are active it is interesting that when things aren’t going quite right they want a blessing.  This is not the first time that someone from this family has asked for a blessing when things are really rough.  The spark of a testimony must still be in them.

That’s all for this week without going into way more detail than I want to because I am more than ready for bed.

Remember to share the gospel every chance you get-even if it doesn’t seem a convenient time or place.  Don’t be complacent about sharing the truth.  We both know of the truthfulness of the gospel and are so blessed to be out here to help in the work.
Love Elder and Sister Fullmer

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